Can a Dartboard Be Hung on a Door?

Can a Dartboard Be Hung on a Door

Key Takeaways

  • A dartboard can be hung on a door, but it is important to inspect the door and its surroundings first.
  • Solid doors provide excellent support for a dartboard, but if the door is hollow, reinforcement will likely be necessary.
  • There are various ways to reinforce a hollow door, including using plywood or cardboard and adhesive like liquid nails.
  • Different hanging kits and adhesives can be used to hang a dartboard on a door, but it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

Clearance Measurements

When it comes to hanging a dartboard on a door, one of the most crucial factors to consider is clearance measurements.

The first place to start is by determining if the door and the surrounding area are adequate for mounting a dartboard.

To do this, you need your tape measure and to calculate the space you need. 

Calculate the Necessary Space for the Throwing Area

The height of the dartboard, on the back of a door, shouldn’t be a problem. 

  • A hung dartboard should sit 5.8 inches high from the center of the bullseye to the ground.

However, you want to make sure you have enough clearance space for the throwing area, and sufficient space around you. 

  • The throwing line should be 7 feet 9.25 inches away from the front of the board.
  • For a comfortable gaming experience, allow at least 3 foot wide by 10 foot long and no intruding walls.
  • This will also make sure no stray darts ruin any nearby furnishings.

Solid vs Hollow Doors

After determining the dimensions of the door and checking for stray dart clearance, the next step is to decide on the installation method based on the door material.

Obviously it’s an important thing to consider, because you don’t want to damage the door in the process, which can easily happen. 

The main concern you should have is whether the door is sturdy enough to be able to be mounted directly using screws, or does it need to be reinforced and possibly mounted using adhesive. 

  1. Solid doors made of quality wood like oak or out of metal, will be able to be mounted directly using the mounting kit
  2. Directly mounting screws into hollow doors, made of pine among others materials, may damage the flimsy structure
  3. Weak doors may need reinforcing with additional materials, like plywood, to support the door or hold the board

Hanging the Dartboard on a Door

There are a number of different ways to mount a dartboard on a door, which I have outlined in the table below.

Mounting TypeHow to Hang a Dartboard on a Door
Direct MountingThis type requires drilling holes into the door directly. Applicable to stable door materials such as solid wood or metal doors.
Over-the-Door HookA portable option that hangs over the top of the door and is secured with hooks at either side. Using this option reduces damage to the door surface as it does not require drilling holes. It can also be easily removed when not in use.
Adhesive BackingAn ideal option for hollow doors. Using liquid nails adhesive ensures that the board adheres firmly to the door surface.
Command StripsFor a removable option without causing any damage to the surface of the door, command strips work best. They are easy to install and remove without leaving behind any residue or marks on the door surface.
How to Hang a Dartboard on a Door

Most manufacturers, supply the standard equipment and hanging kit you will need to hang, whether on a wall or door.

If you have solid doors, and you can drill the number of screws directly into the door as per the hanging instructions.

  • To ensure the safe and secure hanging of your dartboard, it’s vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ignoring these instructions could result in damage to your dartboard or door, as well as potential safety hazards during use.

Using a Hook for a Portable Option

For those who want a portable option for hanging their dartboard on a door, using a hook can be a great solution.

Your dartboard should have come with a hook, that will allow you to hang it over the door.

It’s a great option if you do have hollow doors and is one of the quickest ways you can set up and play.

Reinforce the Door If Necessary

If you have the problem of a hollow door, you can also reinforce the door itself.

To do this, determine if there are any weak points in the structure and reinforce it with additional wood planks or metal. However, the quicker option you may prefer, which I would recommend: 

  • Attach your dartboard to a piece of plywood and screw the plywood, with the dartboard secured, into the door. 

Using Anchors for Direct Mounting on Hollow Doors

If you have a hollow door, but you think it is stable enough to directly mount your board to, you should also use hollow door anchors.

This will give the dartboard much more support and stop the screws from pulling. 

Using Command Strips on Hollow Doors

You could also consider using Command strips.

This is a great option on hollow doors, and possibly one of the few real options you have if you don’t want to damage the door.

However, you do need to make sure that it can support the 10–12 pounds that a dartboard weighs.

The largest strips usually can support up to 16 pounds of weight, and I wouldn’t go any smaller than that.

  • Command Strips offer an easy-to-apply adhesive strip that is durable, bond-friendly and will not leave any marks or damage on the door.
  • Command Strips require no drilling, so you do not have to worry about making too many holes in your door.
  • When using Command Strips for mounting, read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how many strips and what weight each strip holds.
  • Ensure that your door is clean and dry before installing Command Strips since any dirt or grease can hinder adhesion.

Use Liquid Nails as a Quick and Strong Adhesive Option

To secure the dartboard to a door, one of the options is to use Liquid Nails as a quick and strong adhesive solution.

  1. Start by cleaning the back of your dartboard with soapy water and allow it to dry.
  2. Apply an even coat of liquid nails on the back surrounding the mounting holes.
  3. Position the board in place on the door, making sure it’s level.
  4. Gently press and hold the board against the door for at least two minutes to ensure it sticks firmly.
  5. Avoid moving or touching the dartboard for at least six hours after installation to let the glue set entirely.

Using this method will create a firm hold between your dartboard and door while ensuring that you do not compromise the door’s integrity.

However, you do need to consider it carefully, as it can leave damage to the door if you have to remove your dartboard at any stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Dartboard Be Hung on a Door?

Yes, you can hang a dartboard on a door. However, there are several factors to consider, ensuring proper installation and safety.

Determine the material of the door, measure the correct dartboard height, and create enough space around the board for throwing. Decide on a hanging method based on the door’s compatibility and support.

What Are the Benefits of Hanging a Dartboard on a Door? 

Hanging a dartboard on a door can be a space-saving solution, especially in smaller rooms or apartments. It also allows for easy setup and removal.

Are There Any Potential Issues with Hanging a Dartboard on a Door? 

Yes. Hanging a dartboard on a door can lead to:

  • Damage to the door from missed darts.
  • Noise when the darts hit the board, which can be amplified if the door is hollow.
  • Potential instability if the board isn’t securely fastened.

What Type of Doors Are Best for Hanging a Dartboard? 

Solid wood doors are the best option as they can better absorb the impact of darts and are less likely to be damaged. Avoid hanging dartboards on hollow or glass doors.

How Can I Protect My Door from Damage? 

Consider using a dartboard surround or backboard to catch any missed darts. Additionally, ensure that the dartboard is hung at the correct height and distance to minimize missed throws.

How Do I Securely Hang a Dartboard on a Door? 

Use a dartboard hanging kit or strong brackets to ensure the board is securely fastened. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can I Hang an Electronic Dartboard on a Door? 

Yes, but ensure that the door can support the weight of the electronic board and that there’s access to a power source if needed.

Will Hanging a Dartboard on a Door Affect the Door’s Functionality?

It shouldn’t, as long as the dartboard is securely fastened and doesn’t obstruct the door’s movement. However, it’s advisable to remove the dartboard if you need to frequently use the door.

Is It Safe for Children to Play Darts on a Door-Mounted Dartboard? 

Yes, but always supervise children while they’re playing. Consider using soft-tip darts to reduce the risk of injury and damage.

Can I Hang a Dartboard on an Exterior Door? 

It’s possible, but consider the weather conditions. Exposure to moisture and sunlight can damage the dartboard over time. It’s best to hang it on an interior door or use a protective cover for outdoor use.


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