Hathaway Spartan 6-ft Pool Table Review (with Table Tennis Top)

Hathaway Spartan 6-ft Pool Table Review

The Hathaway Spartan 6-ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top packs quite a punch for a small table. If you’re on the hunt for a combination sport table, that is value for money and saves space, then keep reading. 

The Standout Features

The Hathaway Spartan is a combination table that is designed with versatility and functionality that is great for small spaces.

Other standout features include:

  • It’s lightweight and sturdy
  • Easily switch between a game of ping ball and pool
  • Great gameplay
  • Budget friendly
  • Ideal for families, beginners and recreational players
  • Easily assembled and comes with the necessary accessories to get you started straight away
SturdyThe table tennis top is small
Family-friendlyBalls are slightly smaller than standard size
Compact and lightweightPool pocket opening are smaller than the standard size
Versatility – can be used to play table tennisTable tennis top does not fold, making storage difficult
Easy to assembleStandard equipment, not the best quality

Hathaway Spartan 6-ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top

Combination Sport Table

The big selling point of the Hathaway Spartan 6 Table is its versatility as a combination sport table.

Having the extra game within the one unit, is great for families, trying to build out their entertainment options.

If you or the kids fancy a change from playing pool, you can get your table tennis game on as often as you do with pool.

  • Extremely easy to change the playing tops – literally takes a minute or two to change one playing surface out for the other
  • The net can sometimes be a little hard to attach, and breaks easily – you may be better buying a retractable net separately, that is not as flimsy and goes on easier

The Aesthetics

In my opinion the design of the Hathaway Spartan 6’ pool table, is both stunning and eye catching.

The burgundy felt looks awesome against the black melamine coated table, but equally the jet black table tennis top looks both stylish and elegant.

I love the design, but I’m not sure which I prefer; The burgundy against the black or the all black design.

Either way, it’s a table that you can’t fault the design of if you like modern and contemporary.

Storing the Table Tennis Top

Another point to take note of is the table tennis top and the fact that it doesn’t fold, which is both a positive and a negative to the table.

The Positive

The fact that the table tennis top is flat, means there are no folds in the surface, that otherwise could interrupt the characteristics and change the gameplay

The Negative

Storage of the separate table tennis top is a problem, because it doesn’t fold.

However, I wouldn’t let it put you off too much because the solution is simple:

  • When the table is not being used, you can place it back on it
  • It will also keep your furry family members, especially cats, from clawing at the pool table’s felt, which they love

Great for Small Spaces

It’s not the first Hathaway table I have reviewed, the 6ft Fairmount is another great option for tight spaces because of its compact size.

However, what sets the Hathaway Spartan 6′ pool table apart, is that you’ll effectively have one small games station that can play two games, which is a great space saver, especially in busy family homes with children.

The space-saving table design is ideal for any room that is limited on space, such as

  • Small games room
  • Communal rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Basements
  • Garages

The Hathaway Spartan 6-ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top dimensions

  • Length, width and height – 72 x 38 x 31
  • The weight – 100 pounds

The Accessories

The Hathaway Spartan 6-ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top comes with:

  • Two 48″ cues
  • One set of pool balls (16)
  • One table brush
  • Two pieces of chalk
  • One rack
  • A table tennis top
  • Two table tennis paddles
  • Two table tennis balls
  • Table tennis post and net set

As with all budget tables, the quality of the accessories can often be called into question.

This is to be expected, though, given the low cost.

They are fine to get you started, and you will have tones of fun from the off.

With that being said, if you do play with a little more seriousness, you will need to upgrade, which is easily done at any stage.

The Playing Surface

The size of the playing surface will be an adjustment if you play regularly on regulation sized pool tables, though it doesn’t feel a world away from bar boxes.

The playing area of the table tennis top in particular may need a bit of time getting used, as it is a bit smaller than regular sized tops.

However, unless you play the game seriously, which is not the table for you anyway, you won’t be affected too much.

The Pool Ball Size

The size of the pool balls that come with the table are 2″ which is a little smaller than full sized American balls which are 2 ¼ inches.

This is normally a bad thing, but is actually the best size for playing pool on this table, because the playing surface can feel a little cramped using larger balls.

The Pocket Openings

The pocket opening is also smaller than usual at 3 and a half inches, but doesn’t impact a pool game at all.

There isn’t a problem shooting into them, especially with the 2″ balls.


Overall, the gameplay on both the pool table-top and the table tennis top performs very well.

  • The rails are k819 rubber cushions, so the pool table does have a good bounce, which is sometimes hard to find on budget friendly tables.
  • Balls won’t stop dead or die out
  • In general, the balls roll pretty well across the whole playing surface

The pool tables felt is not that bad either. It’s not a premium by any means, but is not the worst I have seen on budget tables. However, you will have to be a little selective with your shot choices by avoid masses and jump shots.

Inevitably, some aspects of a combination game table, will suffer in some way.

When playing on the table tennis top, the hollow space below the playing surface means the bounce of the ping pong ball is slightly different from usual.

However, the bounce is not a major issue as it is close enough to not be a problem.

Who Is The Hathaway Spartan 6-ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top For?

The Hathaway Spartan 6-ft Pool Table with Table Tennis Top is perfect for:

  • The whole family, from children to adults
  • Beginners
  • Recreational players
  • Those on a tight budget
  • Homes that are tight on spaces
  • People looking for a fun 2 in one table

Final Thoughts on the Hathaway Spartan Pool Table Review

Overall, the Hathaway Spartan Pool Table with Table Tennis Top, is honestly a great choice for anyone that with limited space to house a full size table, as it does have excellent space-saving functionality.

With the versatility to play both pool and ping pong on the table, children will love it, but so too will adults, which is why it’s such a family friendly table. 

The gameplay playing doesn’t disappoint, and neither does the design of the table nor the budget friendly price.




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