How to Play Tennis Darts?

How to Play Tennis Darts?

Key Takeaways

  • A singles tennis darts match is played with 2 people
  • Doubles during tennis darts is played with 4 people 
  • The aim of tennis darts is to win the most service games (usually first to 4 games)
  • The game consists of the server and receiver trying to outscore each other in a target number on the board 

What is Tennis Darts?

Much like tennis, the darts’ version is played across two sides of the board, split down the middle by the 20 and the 3 segments.

In tennis darts, you can think of these numbers as the “net”, which separates the server’s side and the receiver’s side. 

  • The server’s side is the left-hand side of the dartboard from 5-19 
  • The receiver’s side is the numbers 1-17 down the right-hand side

The game always starts with the server who takes the first throw of the game into the receiver’s side of the board.

The aim of the game is to outscore the server. Whoever gets the highest score in the target number during the round, wins the game. 

The first player to win the 4th point in a game, wins the set

The game is typically played over 6 sets, and the first to win 4 service games win outright.

Who Goes First?

You and the rest of the players can decide among yourselves, however you usually decide the playing order for games. I always play closest to the bull, but other players throw highest with one dart to decide.

How to Play Tennis Darts?

When the order of play has been decided, the server begins the game by throwing into the receiver’s side of the board. 

  • The serving player must hit the receiver’s side with their first two darts or loses the point
  • The number they hit then becomes the target number for the rest of this game
  • The aim of the serving player is to score as high as possible in the target play area with each dart
  • When the server misses the target number, you alternate play to the other player
  • The receiver attempts to beat the server by outscoring in the game’s target number
  • If the receiver outscores the other player in target number and beats the server, they win the point. Otherwise, the server wins.
  • When the game’s point has been decided, the second player is now the server

How Does Scoring Work in Tennis Darts?

Tennis darts is much the same as an actual game of tennis, and goes off a point system, which works as follows.

  1. The 1st point won in a game is worth 15 points
  2. The 2nd point won in a game is worth 30 points
  3. The 3rd point won in a game is worth 40 points
  4. The 4th point wins the game

What Are the Points Rules in Tennis Darts?

  • Numbers 20 and 3 are the NET – If you hit the “net” during a game, you lose your points
  • An ACE wins the point automatically  – An ace during tennis darts is when you throw a double with your first dart
  • The server loses the point if they cannot serve into the receiver’s side of the board with the first 2 darts

What Happens If There Is a Tiebreak in Tennis Darts? 

If both players end up on 40-40 during a tennis darts, just like in tennis, it’s known as deuce and the players have to play a tiebreak to see who wins the game.

In the case of a deuce tiebreak (40-40):

  • The serving player throws a new target score
  • The tiebreak game is played until one player wins the set by outscoring the other player in the target number
  • The server must be beat by the receiver
  • Inner bullseye can’t be beat, and will win the deuce tiebreak for the server 

In the case of a set tiebreak (3-3):

  • The same rules apply, except whoever serves, has to win two consecutive points to win the game
  • The set tiebreak begins with the same server who started as server in the first game

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