Expert Tips for Removing Beer Stains From Pool Table Felt

how to remove beer stains from pool table felt

For many people, one of the most enjoyable things in life is enjoying a beer with friends over a game of pool.

The two tend to go hand in hand, however, with the enjoyment often comes the accidental spillage of drinks, particularly beer, which can leave unsightly stains on the pool table felt.

It’s not a surprise you’re here wondering how to remove beer stains from pool table felt?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to effectively remove beer stains from your pool table felt, ensuring it remains in pristine condition.

Key Takeaways

  • Prompt action is essential in stain removal to prevent the beer from setting into the felt.
  • Gentle cleaning methods are recommended to avoid damaging the delicate fibers of the pool table felt.
  • Regular pool table maintenance can help in preserving the quality and appearance of your pool table.

How Do You Get a Beer Stain Off Your Pool Table?

The longer a beer stain remains on the felt, the harder it becomes to remove from the cloth, especially without using specialized cleaning products.

Immediate action can significantly increase the chances of completely getting rid of the beer stain.

What You Will Need?

  • Lint free/microfiber cloth
  • Small Bowl
  • Cold water
  • Vinegar

How do you get a beer stain off your pool table?

  1. Dampen a clean lint free cloth with cold water.
  2. Blot the beer stain with the lint free cloth.
  3. Blot from the outside of the stain towards the center and soak up as much of the alcohol as you can.
  4. Mix one cup of cold water with one tablespoon of vinegar.
  5. Using a clean and dry lint free cloth, dip it into the vinegar solution and blot the area.
  6. Don’t saturate your cloth and blot until the stain is fully removed.
  7. Allow the felt to air dry

If the stain has not been removed during the first attempt, repeat steps 4 and 5 until you are happy the beer stain has been removed off your pool table felt.

Depending on the severity of the damage and the length of time it has been left, a pool table cleaner may be the only way to fully remove the stain.

Using a Pool Table Cleaner to Remove Beer Stains?

Pool table cleaners are tailored to tackle embedded dirt and the types of stains commonly found on pool tables, including beer stains.

Cleaners, like for instance Quick Clean Pool Table Felt Cleaner, contain ingredients that can break down and lift the stain without harming the felt.

Why use a pool table cleaner on beer stains?

  • The specialized cleaners are inexpensive
  • They save tonnes of time
  • They are very easy to use
  • They restore the cloth’s color and performance (as long as the felt is otherwise undamaged)
  • They work by lifting the beer stain out of the tables felt

How to use a Quick Clean Pool Table Felt Cleaner on beer stains?

  • Spray the pool table cleaner onto the beer stain
  • Leave for 1–2 minutes
  • Wipe the cleaning solution away
  • Let the cloth dry for a minute or two
  • The beer stain should be completely cleaned

What to Avoid When Removing Beer Stains from Pool Table Felt?

Avoid Using Warm Water to Remove Beer Stains

It might be very tempting to use warm water to remove beer from the cloth, however you shouldn’t.

Warm water can set the alcohol stain in further, making it harder to get the beer stain out of the felt.

  • Pool table cloth consists of tiny fibers, woven together tightly to create a smooth texture for balls to roll on.
  • The material is less durable than normal felt and is susceptible to heat and hot water damage.
  • Only tend to the spill using cold water.

Never Scrub Beer Stained Felt

Never scrub at the beer stains and avoid applying too much pressure, which is only likely to leave you with bigger problems.

  • Scrubbing too hard, or rubbing, will wear away the material, leaving thin texture spots in different areas of the cloth.
  • This may cause the cloth needing to be replaced before it’s necessary.

Don’t Clean the Stain from the Inside Out

When cleaning away beer spills, avoid starting from the center of the stain.

  • Blotting from the inside out can potentially make it bigger.
  • Begin about an inch from the edge of what you can see spilled.
  • Start at the largest point and clean inwards to shrink the stain.

How to Protect a Pool Table from Beer Stains?

Keep beer well away from the pool table to avoid the felt staining
Separate the pool table area from the beers to avoid the potential spillage and any stains on the felt

There are two ways effective ways to guard against beer stains.

  1. Using a pool table cover

Using a Pool Table Cover

When the pool table is sitting idle, the ideal form of protection is a cover.

Pool table covers are worth their weight in gold, but are extremely budget friendly, like the GSE’s leatherette cover, which is one of the best in my opinion.

  • It’s waterproof, so accidental spills around the table won’t be damaging when the table is not being used.
  • It is also tear proof, and if you have animals, you will understand that benefit straight away.
  • If your pool table is kept near a window, it also provides UV-light protection against color fading.

Separating the Pool Table from the Alcohol

When it is being used you can cover it obviously, so you should try to keep the alcohol well away from it.

Below, I have a few suggestions that won’t ruin the night when friends are over playing.

  • A drinks table – Separates the drinking area from the playing area. It is a cost-efficient measure, yet very simple and effective in guarding against pool table spillages.
  • A floating shelf – If you don’t want a table, or you are tight on floor room, a floating shelf to hold beers away from the pool table will be perfect.
  • A home bar – If you have the room, and you’re feeling creative, a home bar would be something else. Beers can be enjoyed with friends, well away from the table, and would look awesome to boot.

Final Thoughts on How to Remove Beer Stains from Pool Table Felt?

Beer is one of the most common things to get spilled over pool tables. It’s no surprise, as the two have long been connected as a favorite barroom sport. If you allow drinking around your table, it’s likely beer will get spilled at some point.

To best protect against beer stains, it’s a good idea to set up an area where drinks can be consumed away from the table. But if spills do happen, the faster you act the better. When alcohol sets in to the cloth, it can be extremely hard to clean. Avoid warm water and never scrub the area as you will likely cause more damage.


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