Pool Table Color Combinations – Everything You Need To Know

Pool Table Color Combinations

Pool tables are not just a game accessory; they are also a piece of furniture that can enhance the aesthetics of a room.

The color combination of your pool table can make a significant difference in how your game room feels and looks. Let’s dive into the world of pool table color combinations and understand why it’s essential.

Key Takeaways

  • The color of your pool table can impact the overall ambiance of your game room.
  • Traditional colors like green are popular, but there are many other options to consider.
  • The choice of color can also affect the playability of the game.
  • Custom colors can add a unique touch to your game room.

Considerations for Pool Table Colors

Before getting into the different pool table color combinations that work well together, it’s important to understand certain considerations first.

Room Theme and Decor

When selecting colors, especially the best color of pool table felt, it’s essential to consider the overall theme and decor of the room.

You may have a modern style room, but a classic style table could end up looking out of place.

You may love blacks and whites as a modern interior design, but if you are a serious player, it may not be the best color combination.

Pool Table Living Room Ideas

Visibility and Playability

Visibility and playability are massively affected by the color choices you make, along with the lighting.

Darker colors, like for instance black, in dim lighting can produce shadows across the felt and make it difficult to see the entire ball.

They also tend to show chalk marks more prominently, whereas on the other hand, lighter shades might be more challenging to maintain but can offer a unique aesthetic appeal.

Custom Designs and Patterns

For those looking to make a statement, custom designs and patterns on the felt can be an option.

From intricate patterns to logos, the possibilities are endless.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that any design doesn’t interfere with the game’s playability.

Two-Tone Designs

Some manufacturers offer two-tone designs, with lighter shades at the corners and darker shades in the center.

This design not only adds a unique visual appeal, but can also aid in gameplay by providing a contrast.

Patterned and Logo Designs

For businesses or avid fans, having a logo or specific pattern on the pool table can be a way to showcase their brand or passion.

However, it’s essential to ensure that the design is evenly spread out and doesn’t interfere with the game.

Exotic Materials

Beyond the standard felt, there are also pool tables made with exotic materials, such as velvet or even leather.

These can offer a luxurious feel, but might require more maintenance.

Popular Pool Table Color Combinations 

StylePool Table Felt Color Combinations
Modern StyleBlack, white, and grays help to achieve a modern feel.
Warm/Rustic StyleTan, camel, golden, maroon, and beige are popular muted tones to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
The Classic StyleA maple-finished claw-foot pool table with classic green playing cloth is the epitome of classic style.
Professional StyleTournament blue is a professional color works well with many others, but pairs especially well with a light interior room style.
Popular Pool Table Color Combinations 

Pool Table Color Ideas

As I mentioned above, the color of the pool table can play a huge role in the look and feel of the room.

Cloth color plays a significant role, and below I go a little deeper into some pool table felt color ideas that can be used to achieve the style you want.

Pool Table Color ideas

Modern and Contemporary

Tables that use fashionable frames, far removed from the classic cabinet style, should be the focus when trying to achieve a contemporary feel.

Dark playing surfaces, like black or gray, works great if you are trying to achieve a modern look in a room full of whites, grays and blacks.

Championship Saturn II black Pool table felt
Championship Saturn II black Pool table felt
Color of Pool Table Felt ideas
Modern and Contemporary room style pool table color | Image taken from tollbrothers.com

Both colors complement a black frame, with strong angles, amazingly.

The table doesn’t have to be black either, a nice soft gray frame also works fantastically with black felt, steel gray and charcoal colored playing cloth.

Steel Gray ProLine Classic 303 Teflon pool table felt
Steel Gray ProLine Classic 303 Teflon Pool Table Felt

Rustic, Homely and Warm

If your aim is to create a homely atmosphere, you should be thinking of warm, muted color undertones for the room.

Playing surface colors such as tan and camel are cozy, chilled and warm soothing colors.

Pool Table Felt ideas for colors
Pool table felt can be used to create a warm, rustic atmosphere | Image taken from homedepot.com

Burgundy colored felt also adds to a rustic fell of this kind of interior, and combines especially well with light colored wood furnishings or beige colored walls.

Simonis 860 burgundy pool table cloth

If you’re going for a homely inviting look, a thick carpet can further add warmth to the room.

Energetic Games Room

If you want an energetic room, bright colors, for instance yellow, red and burgundy, are bursting with energy.

The vibrant colors will certainly brighten up any room, and the psychology behind yellow in particular has proven to be a color that installs positivity.

Pool Table Felt bright color ideas
Bright pool table colors can energize a room | Image take from photos.hgtv.com

Hanging cool sports images, sports props, a rug to frame the table, barroom signs etc, can make the room come alive.

Championship Saturn II Red Pool table felt
Championship Saturn II Red Pool table felt

Luxurious Casual

If the look you’re going for is luxurious causal then plenty of light is required, lots of open space, glass windows and high ceilings.

To achieve the luxurious look, accent colors can be used on the table’s felt, and it’s hard to go wrong with navy blue.

It’s casual, subtle, intriguing and adds character and personality.

Luxurious Pool Table Felt color ideas
Navy blue pool table color combined with white can create a luxurious casual style | Image taken from tinaramchandani.com

To help achieve a more spacious feel, white and cream color tones are perfect for the room’s decor.

If you really emphasize the table in dominant fashion, an accent color like bright lime can also grab attention in a large room.

Simonis 860 premium pool table felt

Traditional Design

Of course, we can’t forget about the classic look.

If you’re a traditionalist, a claw foot pool table using green traditional pool table felt combined with an oak or maple finish table is the way to go.

Traditional Color ideas for Pool Tables
Traditional pool table color combination | Image taken from dresshomes.com

The room is can almost look like a time capsule when it’s placed in a room with wooded furniture and yellow walls.

Simonis 860 standard green premium pool table felt

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Felt Color Impact Game Visibility?

The color of the pool table felt can influence the visibility of the balls, especially in different lighting conditions. For instance, lighter colors might be ideal for rooms with low lighting, while darker shades can offer a stark contrast against the balls.

Are There Benefits to Traditional Green Felt Over Other Colors?

Green, often referred to as ‘tournament green’, has been a standard in professional tournaments for years. It’s considered easy on the eyes and provides a neutral backdrop that doesn’t interfere with the game. However, personal preference and room aesthetics can make other colors equally appealing.

Do Darker Felt Colors Show Chalk Marks More Prominently?

Darker colors, such as deep blue or black, might show chalk marks more prominently than lighter shades. However, they can also offer a unique aesthetic appeal and provide a stark contrast against the balls.

Can I Customize My Pool Table Felt With Multiple Colors or Designs?

Yes, many manufacturers offer custom designs and patterns on the felt. From intricate patterns to logos, the possibilities are endless. However, it’s crucial to ensure that any design doesn’t interfere with the game’s playability.

How Often Should I Change My Felt Color for Aesthetic Reasons?

The frequency of changing felt for aesthetic reasons is entirely up to the owner. Some might choose to update the felt color to match room renovations or decor changes, while others might keep the same color for the table’s lifespan.


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