What Is A Hat Trick In Darts?

What Is A Hat Trick In Darts

Key Takeaways

  • A hat trick in darts is a term used to described three consecutive darts in the bullseye
  • It’s named after former world number 1 Alan Evans and players often refer to it as the Alan Evans shot
  • A hat trick in darts is worth 150 points

What Is a Hat Trick in Darts?

A hat trick in darts refers to a player’s achievement of hitting three consecutive bullseye’s with their three darts in a single turn. It is a pretty rare feat in the game.

Check out the video below from the Dutch darts championship in 2022. Australian player Simon Whitlock, three a hat trick for an awesome checkout.

Simon Whitlock checking out with a hat trick of bullseyes

Why Is It Called a Hat Trick in Darts?

The term “hat trick” in darts is borrowed from other sports, like soccer, where it signifies the accomplishment of a player scoring three goals in the same game. In darts, hitting three bulls is the equivalent of scoring three goals.

Why Is It Called The Alan Evans Shot?

Alan Evans was a former world number 1 at the height of the game in the 70s.

He was known for his ability to hit the bullseye with such regularity on checkouts, that it effectively made the shot his own.

  • It was dubbed the Alan Evans shot by the late legendary darts commentator Sid Waddle
  • His consistency at hitting a hat trick regularly was amazing considering how difficult it can be
  • During one Scottish tour, he checked out 8 times with a score of 150 remaining 

Does The Whole Bullseye Count in a Hat Trick in Darts?

As I mentioned above, the hat trick in darts happens when a player scores three darts in the bullseye.

Some players consider both the green ring and the center red the entire bullseye, however technically the inner red ring is a double, while the green outer ring is a single.

This creates a bit of debate among some players regarding what counts as a hat trick. 

Some places count three darts successfully landing in any part of the bull a hat trick, including three in the green. However, three in the red bullseye is generally considered a true hat trick in darts and what counts.

This is also what I go by as well.

How Many Points Is a Hat Trick in Darts?

Again, it depends on how you deem the Alan Evans Shot.

If you land three darts inside the red bullseye, in one round, the hat trick is worth a maximum 150 points.

  • If you only count 3 in the red, a hat trick is worth 150 points in darts
  • If you also consider the 25 ring in the bullseye, then the lowest possible score is 75 points

Is Achieving a Hat Trick in Darts Common or Rare?

Achieving a hat trick in darts is quite rare, even among experienced players. It requires an extraordinary level of accuracy and consistency in hitting the same small target three times in a row.

Especially in the bull which is not easy to hit, however there are ways you can improve your accuracy on the bullseye.

Is There a Specific Reward or Recognition for Achieving a Hat Trick in Darts Tournaments?

While there may not be a specific reward or recognition for achieving a hat trick in darts tournaments, it’s a feat that’s widely celebrated and appreciated by fellow players, spectators, and commentators.




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