What Is A Robin Hood In Darts?

What Is A Robin Hood In Darts

Key Takeaways

  • When one dart lands into the back of another, it is called a Robin Hood in darts
  • It is a rare occurrence to see one dart land on another during a game of darts
  • A dart that hits, and gets lodged into another won’t score points
  • Flight protectors prevent darts getting stuck in other flights

What Is a Robin Hood in Darts?

A Robin Hood in darts is a remarkable and uncommon occurrence where a dart lands in the board and becomes embedded in the flight or shaft of another dart already on the board.

This unique type of shot is named after the legendary outlaw Robin Hood, who is said to have split his opponent’s arrow with one of his own.

What Happens If A Dart Lands On Another?

As impressive as it is when a player performs a Robin Hood in darts, there’s not a lot that happens apart from bragging rights and a few cheers for the player.

  • No points are scored for the dart that lands directly into the back of another dart that’s already on the board.
  • It will still count as a throw, you just score zero.
  • You won’t be allowed to retake the throw.

During a Robin Hood, the two darts that landed in the board and stuck will still count, however the dart that landed in another doesn’t count, and it effectively becomes only a two dart trip for a player to the Oche. 

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations of darts state that the tip of the dart must touch and remain in the dartboard after a throw to score points. 

Obviously, if the dart doesn’t touch the face of the dartboard, so there’s not much debate.

  • The dart that doesn’t touch or stick to the board is not a scoring dart
  • On electronic dartboards, the dart won’t even register, if it doesn’t go into any of the pre-drilled holes. 

How Rare Is It To Robin Hood A Dart?

Getting darts stuck into one another is considered very rare, especially among beginners.

A Robin Hood is a very rare occurrence in darts due to the precision required to hit a specific point on the dartboard while avoiding the already embedded darts.

To throw one dart into another dart that is already in the board, a player would need high level grouping skills and most of the time it’s purely a stroke of luck.

The level of play at the highest level is phenomenal. If the pros actively tried to land one dart on another, their grouping skills are so good, they would probably hit the shot way more often.

Below is a short video showing Robin Hood darts moments.

Robin Hood in Darts

What is a Double or Triple Robin Hood?

This kind of “trick” shot is when the second dart flies into the first dart, but the third dart then arrows into both darts.

In very rare occasions, you may have seen three darts land on top of each other, which happened a few years ago to Rob Cross during the World Grand Prix. 

It is usually referred to as either:

  1. A double Robin Hood, or
  2. A triple Robin Hood

What you call it depends on what you’ve become to know it as.

Personally, I refer to it as a triple Robin Hood, because the dart hits involve all three.

How Do You Prevent a Robin Hood?

It is hard to stop a Robin Hod because it pretty much happens by chance, However, you can help prevent Robin Hoods damaging your flights or shafts by using flight protectors.

During a Robin Hood, the flight of the dart will receive the most damage, because it is the flight that the flying dart actually gets stuck into, but the shafts can also get damaged.

Flight protectors go over on the end of the dart, and help deflect oncoming darts, as opposed to the flight getting pierced by the incoming dart.

Not only will this reduce the chances of your darts ending up in the back of each other, it also helps stop bounce outs occurring by hitting the end of your dart.

FAQ on What Is a Robin Hood in Darts?

Is a Robin Hood in Darts, Intentional or Accidental?

A Robin Hood in darts is typically accidental. Players do not aim to achieve it, and it often happens during the course of a game as a result of the high level of precision required to hit a small target on the dartboard.

How Is a Robin Hood Scored in Darts?

In terms of scoring, a Robin Hood is straightforward. The points scored are based on the value of the segment where the point of the embedded dart lands. The dart that has been struck, the one that landed first, does not count for additional points.

What Is the Origin of the Term Robin Hood in Darts?

The term Robin Hood in darts is derived from the legendary English outlaw Robin Hood, who, according to folklore, demonstrated his incredible archery skills by splitting his opponent’s arrow with his own. This legend is mirrored in the sport of darts, when one dart strikes and lands in another.

Can a Robin Hood Occurrence Damage Darts or the Dartboard?

A Robin Hood occurrence can sometimes lead to minor damage to the darts involved, such as bent shafts or flights. However, it is generally not detrimental to the dartboard itself, and the damage is usually minimal.




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