When Do You Have to Replace Dart Flights?

When Do You Have to Replace Dart Flights

Key Takeaways

  • Dart flights are one of the most important parts of a dart
  • Dart flights should be replaced when they become visibly altered or damaged, or when the dart no longer moves straight through the air
  • Most professional dart players regularly change their flights several times throughout a match
  • Higher quality dart flights made from Nylon provide better performance and more durability
  • Flight protectors can be used to keep dart flights in good condition and protect them from damage during play

Importance of Dart Flights

Darts are made up of four different materials:

  1. The Point
  2. The barrel
  3. The shaft
  4. The flight

Each component of the dart is as important as the other, as they work in tandem for overall stability and accuracy.

Damaged and worn out flights have a negative effect on performance, just like if you use low quality ones.

The type of darts flight you use is very important as it: 

  • Helps stabilize the dart in the air
  • Impacts a dart’s trajectory and helps it to travel as straight as possible 

When to replace a damaged flight is an important thing for any player to know, as it will benefit your performance. 

Why Change Dart Flights?

Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is the biggest visual signs that you need to replace your darts flights.

These signs indicate when the dart flights are in need of replacement.

  • When the flight edges begin to fray after frequent use, it’s time for a replacement.
  • If the shape of the flight has changed, or it becomes bent, darts will not fly correctly, and it’s time for a new flight.
  • When a player is having trouble hitting the intended target, it could be due to worn-out dart flights.

Flights Keep Falling Out 

You will need a new set of dart flights, when they keep falling out regularly.

There are a number of different reasons why they fall off the end of your dart, however one reason follows on from above, and it’s happening when a flight is damaged.

  • Damaged flights struggle to stay in as they lack the necessary grip and can fall out easier when another dart touches it on the way into the board. 
  • Badly worn flights can even sometimes fall out on the way to the board. 

You will notice them falling out more frequently as your grouping skills get better.

This is because when they are regularly grouped, the flights will come into contact with each other, which causes worn flights to come out easier than ones in good condition. 

When Do You Have to Replace Dart Flights?

Factors That Affect The Longevity Of a Dart Flight include:

  • The frequency of use
  • The quality of the flight

The Frequency of Use

This is probably obvious, but the more you use your darts, the more wear and tear the flights will develop.

It’s not hard to see the effect tight grouping has on old dart flights.

  • The better you are, the more flights tend to need to be replaced.
  • Likewise, the more darts are used, the more set of flights you will go through. 

During tournaments, you may notice professionals often replace their darts frequently.

At professional level, the very least players need is an average of between 80-100.

The players at the very top tier have set the bar at 100+ so they cannot afford any part of the flight dropping in performance.

If you are not a pro, you don’t have to replace them with such frequency, but you do need to replace dart flights when necessary. 

The Quality of the Flight

There are many different types of flights on the market and the type of flight you use will impact how long it lasts. It will also have an effect on how it performs.

Cheaper flights, isn’t made with durability or performance in mind. They are made cheaply in bulk to satisfy the very casual player, but they won’t last long.

Flights made with lower quality materials are not as stable as higher quality flights, and tend to flap as they fly through the air. This can cause a dart to land in different angles and travel off course.

High-quality flights made of Nylon are the choice of the pros and have a longer lifespan than some of the cheaper alternatives.

Protect Your Dart Flights with Flight Protectors

If you really want to preserve your flights for as long as possible, you’ll need flight protectors.

You’ve probably seen them on darts, not knowing what they are. They are placed on top of your flights and help preserve the lifespan of your flights.

  1. Flight protectors keep a dart’s flight in and prevent any flapping or moving on its way to the board in the air. This helps keep the dart on course and flying straight.
  2. They also protect the flight and act as a shield to prevent flights from damage caused by incoming darts or excessive hitting against each other.

How to Change Dart Flights?

Changing dart flights is not very difficult to master. In fact, it’s hard to think of anything easier. 

Regularly replacing dart flights is an essential aspect of maintaining optimal dart performance.

Follow these six simple steps to replace your dart flights like a pro:

  1. Grab your new dart flights and spread them open into the shape of the cross, like your old ones.
  2. Remove the old flights by pulling them off the darts shaft.
  3. Slide the new flights onto the dart shaft, matching it with each of the grooves.
  4. Be careful to only push the flight down once you are happy it matches the grooves, as it can damage the flight otherwise.

FAQs about When Do You Have To Replace Dart Flights

Why Is It Important to Maintain Dart Flights?

Well-maintained flights ensure consistent aerodynamics, which can significantly impact the dart’s trajectory and accuracy.

How Often Should Dart Flights Be Replaced?

The frequency of replacement depends on usage. Regular players might need to replace flights every few weeks, while casual players might do so every few months. It’s essential to replace them when they show signs of wear.

What Are the Signs That Dart Flights Need Replacing?

Common signs include fraying edges, tears, or bends that don’t straighten out. If the flight doesn’t sit flat or has lost its shape, it’s time for a replacement.

Do Different Types of Flights Wear Out at the Same Rate?

No, some flights made of thicker or more durable materials might last longer than thinner ones. However, all flights will wear out over time and with use.

Can Damaged Flights Affect My Game?

Absolutely. Damaged or worn-out flights can cause the dart to wobble in flight, affecting its trajectory and where it lands on the board.

Is It Expensive to Replace Dart Flights?

Dart flights are generally affordable. However, the cost can vary based on the brand, design, and material of the flights.

Can I Replace Dart Flights Myself?

Yes, replacing dart flights is straightforward. Simply remove the old flight by pulling it off the shaft and then push the new flight onto the shaft.

Do Professional Players Replace Their Flights Often?

Many professional players replace their flights regularly to ensure optimal performance. They might even change flights during a tournament if they notice any issues.

Are There Any Tips for Extending the Life of Dart Flights?

Keeping darts in a protective case when not in use can help. Also, avoid stepping on or crushing your darts, as this can damage the flights. Some players also use flight protectors, which are small caps that fit over the top of the flight to prevent splitting.




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