How to Play 51 by 5s Darts Game? (All Fives Darts)

How to play 51 By 5's darts game

Key Takeaways

  • 51 by 5s darts is a race to the finish math-based darts game
  • The game is also known as All Fives
  • It can be played with unlimited numbers of players
  • A player’s score during each round must be able to be divided by 5 
  • Players must score exactly 51 points to win the game

How Many Players Can Play 51 by 5s?

51 by 5s’s darts is played with a minimum of two players, however it is designed to be played with more.

The maximum amount of players is unlimited, and in general most players find the game to be more fun with more players.

What Is the Objective of 51 by 5’s Darts?

The objective of the 51 by 5’s is to throw the highest score possible, however the total amount of the three darts must be divisible by 5, during each round.

The aim of each player:

  • Be the first to reach the target score of 51 points in the game
  • Ensure each of their three darts per round is divisible by 5

How to Play 51 by 5’s Darts?

The 51 by 5’s darts rules, aka known as all fives, are as follows:

  • Each player gets three darts per turn to score on the dartboard
  • Players need to get to 51 points in the game to win
  • If a dart misses or bounces out of the board, the dart scores zero points
  • The points scored from each player during their turn is added together and divided by 5, giving the players score for the round
  • Players must score a number that can be divided by 5
  • If the player’s total is not divisible by 5, the player scores zero points for the round 
  • The first player that reaches 51 points is the winner

To play all five darts game can be a little daunting for players if the counting and mathematical side is a weakness.

However, once you get into the game, it’s not as hard to count as it seems, and if needs be it’s only a practice game, you could always use a calculator.

If counting is a concern, and you don’t want to use a calculator, stick to the numbers that easily divided by 5 when throwing, such as:

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20

An Example of How to Play All Fives Darts Game (51 By 5’s)

For the example below, I will just use two players: Player A and Player B.

Each player has three darts per round to generate a score:

  • Player A goes first and scores 45 points 
  • 45 divided by 5 leaves 9 
  • Player has therefore scored 9 points during their turn
  • Player B then takes their turn and throws 57 points
  • 57 is not possible to divide by 5 
  • Player B therefore has scored zero points for the round

How to Score 51 by 5’s Darts Game?

Scoring 51 by 5’s darts can get a little complicated if there are lots of players and everyone is trying to keep a track in their heads.

You will need to first add up the three darts, then divide it by 5. This is the player’s actual score for the round

The best way to score a game of 51 by 5’s:

  1. Create two columns
  2. The number of rows will be the number of players in the game 
  3. Write the player’s names down the column to the left of the scoreboard
  4. Count the player’s total three dart score and divide it by 5
  5. Write the scores for each round by each player in the right column opposite their name
how to score 51 by 5's darts

Variations of 51 by 5s Darts

There are a number of different ways you can play the game.

If you get good at playing with the division of 5, you can change it and play by 4’s, 6’s or even 7’s – The rules are the same, just the dividable number changes. 

If there are lots of players playing, chances are the skill levels won’t be equal – Therefore you can handicap the more skilled players with a loss of points if they miss with all three darts.

You can also technically change the target number of the game to a lower number for any beginners playing – This can help to keep players motivated and keep it competitive, especially if there is a gap in skill levels.

Tips and Tricks to 51 By 5’s Darts

Simplify the Game as Much as Possible

If you are new to darts, consider playing the safe numbers 10 and 15.

These numbers are side by side on the board, so if you don’t hit one, there’s a fair chance you will hit the other.

Likewise, the same can be said for the numbers 20 and 5.

Aim for Doubles and Triples in the Early Rounds

Doubles and triples are big in a game of all fives. 

If you can hit three treble 20s during a turn, that will score 36 points in one single round.

Needless to say, you will be the front-runner and in a strong position to reach 51 points first.

If you are behind in the game, and another player is racing towards the end, it would be worth switching strategies and focusing on the high scoring segments.

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