How to Play Sudden Death Darts?

how to play sudden death darts

Key Takeaways

  • Sudden death darts has a rapid fire last man standing format
  • Players with the lowest score are eliminated from the game
  • Games of sudden death darts are more suited to large numbers of players

What Is the Objective of Sudden Death Darts?

The aim of the Sudden death darts game is to be the last player remaining at the end of the game.

How to Play Sudden Death Darts Game?

Playing sudden death darts is effortlessly simple, you simply just have to score as high as possible during each round and beat the lowest scoring player.

Each round is scored individually, and points are not carried, so the game will see a player eliminated after each round.

As you can imagine, it’s a game that can fly by really quick. The last player remaining in sudden death darts game is the winner. 

Sudden Death Dart Game Rules?

The rules for sudden death dart game rules are:

  • The player(s) with the highest scores go through to the next round
  • The one with the lowest score for that round gets eliminated
  • The remaining players continue on with the game
  • Scores are not added up for each round, they start from zero after a player is eliminated 

The values for each segment on the board, is worth the same as it is in games like 501 and 301:

  • Singles are worth single points
  • Doubles are worth twice the single value
  • Triples are worth three times the value of the single segment
  • Outer bullseye is worth 25 points
  • Inner bullseye is worth 50 points

How to Score Sudden Death Darts?

To keep track of sudden death darts scores, write the players names down the left side and every time a player is knocked out of the game, cross their name out.

To the right, write the scores for each round, which depends on the amount of players in the game.

For example:

If there are 9 players playing sudden death darts, you will need 8 rounds etc.

Tips and Strategies Playing Sudden Death Darts

Play the Part of the Board Where You Are Confident

When you are playing darts in general, you will notice there is huge bias towards 20. 

I know the triple 20 is worth the most points on a dartboard, with one dart. I also know the game is all about scoring as high as possible. However, 

  • New players often find it easier to play down the board, visiting the 19s. 
  • If you feel happier, and more confident playing the 19s than the20s, there’s more chance high scores will follow

Play the Large Number Spreads

A dartboard is numbered in a very particular way, which helps reduce the amount of luck and chance involved in a game.

However, some parts of the board, have a larger spread of potential points with three darts. In games like sudden death, scoring consistently among the larger spread can be a game changer

  • The numbers around the 20 are 5 and 1 – Stray darts going left or right are fairly regular for new players, and 26 is a very common score.
  • The numbers around 14 are 11 and 9 – This means when aiming for 14, inconsistent players have a greater chance of scoring higher from the surrounding numbers. 
  • The biggest spread of numbers on the board are around the 19 – 7 and 16 to the right and 3 ad 17 to the left

Playing with Small Groups of Players

As I mentioned earlier, the game is suited to larger groups. When 2 or 3 players are playing, the game will be over in the 6–9 darts.

However, you can introduce lives, much like the knockout darts game. 

  • Each player starts with 3 lives 
  • Whoever throws the lowest score for that round loses a life
  • Three strikes and it’s game over for that player 

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