What Happens When You Bust In Darts?

What Happens When You Bust In Darts

Key Takeaways

  • To win at games of 501, you must be the first to reach zero
  • A bust in darts happens when a player outscores the remaining score they have left
  • If you score beyond zero, your value will be taken into the negative and will be a bust
  • Leaving yourself on a score of 1, means you have busted
  • If a bust happens in a darts game, no score is counted, and it is reset back to the player’s remaining points

What Is A Bust In Darts?

A bust in darts is when a player scores more than the score remaining, therefore scoring nothing for that round. After busting, a player score goes back to what it was before the round started. It is also a bust if a player doesn’t finish on a double.

One of the most common dart games throughout the world is 501. The format is quite simple.

  • You start the game on 501 points
  • To win the game, you must be the first player to get down to zero.
  • However, the last dart needs to be a double to check out and finish the game. 

Some places require players to hit a double first, known as doubling in, before they can start scoring. There are a few different reasons a throw can result in a bust:

  • Being left on a score of 1
  • Scoring more than is left on the board
  • Not finishing on double

Busting on 1

The lowest double you can finish on in darts is double one, without busting. This is because, double one has a value of 2, and 2 is the lowest number you can be left to double out on. 

If you hit the single 1, a player is left with no finish, and therefore has busted.

Scoring More Than the Score Remaining

One of the most common ways to get a bust in darts is to over score and take it above zero. 

For example:

  1. You have a remaining score of 14
  2. Double 7 (14) is needed to finish
  3. You hit a double 19 (38)
  4. You turn ends and you have busted 

Busing on Purpose 

Quite regularly, players may bust on purpose playing darts, and there are a few good reasons for this: 

  • When the number of points left to finish, the game is a less favorable out. It’s particularly common when players are left on double five or double one.
  • Odd numbered checkouts also tend to be avoided because they need at least 2 darts to finish.

For example

  1. If a player has 16 left and is going for double 8 but hits a single 11. 
  2. This leaves 5 and requires at least 2 darts to check out
  3. With one dart left to throw, it makes sense to bust with a score of 5 or more and reset back to 16 to finish. 

Is It Poor Form to Bust on Purpose in Darts?

No, it is definitely not. It is an understandable facet of the game to bust on purpose when the right situation arises. Most darts players recognize it as a form of game management when it creates a better chance to win.

You may see similar situations during the times when a player has amassed a big lead in the leg.

The player may bust intentionally if they have failed to leave a favored double.

Especially in the knowledge knowing their opponent will need at least 6 darts, possibly more, before they even get a chance to hit the double.

Finishing on a Single

Sometimes players may score the exact number they need to finish the game with, however because no double has been hit with the last dart thrown, it doesn’t count.

For instance, if you score a maximum (180), with 180 left, but no double, as nice as the maximum is, it’s a bust I’m afraid. You can also bust on a 180 if you have 181 left. 

FAQ About What Happens When You Bust In Darts?

What Happens When You Bust In Darts?

No score is counted for that round, and the score remaining goes back to before that trip to Oche for the next round. If the bust happens with the first dart, there is no need to throw the two remaining darts. 

How To Avoid a Bust In Darts?

If you bust in darts, your throw is over, regardless if it was on the first, second or third dart you threw. To avoid busting, you need to make sure you leave yourself on a double, and not score more than zero.

What Is A Double Bust In Darts?

Games like 501 and 301 are very popular double out games. A double bust occurs in double out games that require you to finish on a double that leaves you at exactly zero. To win a game, your last shot must be a double. It cannot be a single or a double that exceeds zero.

How Do You Bust 180 In Darts?

The only way you can bust a 180 is if you have 180 left to score or 181. Throwing a maximum that leaves a score of 1 remaining is a bust because there is no way to check out 1 with a double. If you have 182 left, and hit a ton 80, you will be left with double one to close the game out. 




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