Why Do My Dart Flights Keep Falling Out?

why do my dart flights keep falling out

Key Takeaways

  • Dart flights falling out can be common if the flight is damaged
  • Quality dart flights are less prone to coming out
  • Metal stems keep your flights more secure than plastic stems, which are easier to damage
  • Stem rings ensure the flight is clamped in place
  • Flight Protectors help keep dart flights from falling out 

Why Do My Dart Flights Keep Falling Out?

Damaged Flights

Damaged flights are one of the main reasons why a flight tends to fall out.

  • The damage can be caused from a few things, however a dart hitting another dart is the main culprit.
  • The wear and tear caused, produces issues around the grip they have in the shaft, or shall I say the lack of grip.

Basically they can no longer sit securely, and are more likely to fall out, when a dart deflects off it.

Plastic Stems

Plastic stems are very common, but they do break and bend easily, particularly around the part of the shaft where the flight sits into.

On plastic shafts, the small connectors often get bent back, or even broke off entirely when it is hit by another dart.

  • This will cause the flight to keep coming out because it’s no longer held securely in position.
  • Metal is harder damaged than plastic, which is why a flight won’t have this kind of issue as much on metal stems.

Quality of the Flight

Cheaper flights tend to fall out much more frequently than flights made with quality materials.

You can almost tell the differences in quality just from a how thin and flaccid a cheap flight feels in comparison to a quality made one.

  • The quality of the flight also has a huge impact on whether your darts fly straight or not
  • A stiffer and firmer flight will stay in position much easier because it’s made with higher grade materials that are more durable.

They will also be less susceptible to the wear and tear that can also cause cheapened flights to come out quicker.

The Flight Isn’t in the Shaft Properly

So it is important when you are replacing a dart flight, to not push down too hard.

  • Pushing down too hard can damage the dart flight if you ain’t careful.
  • The flight does need to go fully down to keep your dart flights firmly in place.

This is a typical thing with new players, so it’s no harm to check whether your flights are secure and tight to the end of the shaft.

This might be the reason why your flights frequently fall out.

How to Stop Your Dart Flights Falling Out?

To prevent flights from falling out, there are a few things you can do:

  • Replace the flights with a good quality dart flight when they become damaged.
  • Use stem rings to attach your flight more securely. 
  • Flight protectors will help keep the dart flight in better condition for longer.
  • Metal stems keep dart flights from falling out as much as plastic stems.

New Flights

If you have flights that are falling out frequently, they may need to be replaced.

Quality flights to replace old, worn or damaged ones is the number one way to keep dart flights from falling off the dart.

It’s always a good idea to have a bunch of them at home so that you can switch them out as a when needed.

Some of the best dart players in the world, regularly use multiple new flights during tournaments.

Stem Rings

Stem rings are a fantastic attachment that are designed for one purpose: To grip the flight firmly into the dart stem and hold the flight more securely in place. 

They are easy to attach and very inexpensive.

The best way to describe them is they act like a clamp, or flight punch, which allows the flight to grip the dart.

It tightens the flight onto the dart, meaning it’s less prone to falling off. 

Metal Stems

Metal stems are more expensive than plastic stems, however they have a much longer lifespan and will hold your dart flight in place more securely.

  • If you are a player that is not pounding the board every day, the metal stems can last years.
  • With that being said, most professional players use Nylon stems because they are much lighter, however they do break easily.

Flight Protectors

Flight protectors keep the flight’s shape spread the way it should be.

They slide over the top of the flight and stop it from moving around.

They are aerodynamic, so won’t interfere with the dart’s flight path.

Most serious players use flight protectors, and if you don’t, you probably should do.

Like flights, they don’t last forever and will need replacing when they get worn. 

  • They help to, not only ensure the flight stays on, but also helps to improve your dart game.
  • The main job of the flight in the first place is to stabilize the dart while it’s in the air.
  • If it loses it shape, or starts to flap, it affects the flight’s stability, and its ability to fly straight.


What Causes Dart Flights to Fall Out?

Dart flights can fall out due to various reasons, including wear and tear, a loose fit with the shaft, or damage to the flight or shaft itself.

How Does Regular Play Affect Flight Security?

Regular play can cause the flights to loosen from the shaft, especially if the darts hit each other or the flights get caught during retrieval from the board.

Could the Type of Shaft Affect Flight Security?

Yes, some shafts have a better grip on the flights than others. For instance, shafts with spring rings or those made of certain materials might hold flights more securely.

Are There Flights That Are More Prone to Falling Out?

Thinner flights or those made of softer materials might not grip the shaft as tightly as thicker or more rigid flights, making them more prone to falling out.

How Can I Ensure a Tighter Fit Between the Flight and Shaft?

Using flight protectors or punch machines to create a small hole in the flight, then using a ring or spring to secure it to the shaft, can help ensure a tighter fit.

Do Temperature and Humidity Affect Flight Security?

Yes, changes in temperature and humidity can cause flights to expand or contract slightly, which might affect their fit with the shaft.

How Often Should I Check the Fit of My Flights?

It’s a good practice to check the fit of your flights before and after each play session. Ensure they’re securely attached and replace them if they feel loose.

Can Damaged Shafts Cause Flights to Fall Out?

Absolutely. If a shaft is bent, cracked, or has a worn-out grip, it might not hold the flight securely. Regularly inspect and replace damaged shafts.

What Should I Do If My Flights Keep Falling Out During a Game?

Consider carrying spare flights and shafts during a game. If your flights fall out frequently, replace them or the shafts to ensure consistent play.

Are There Any Long-Term Solutions to Prevent Flights from Falling Out?

Investing in high-quality shafts and flights can reduce the frequency of this issue. Additionally, using flight protectors, rings, or springs can provide a more secure fit.




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