How Do You Play Football Darts Game?

how to play football darts game

Key Takeaways

  • To play football darts, two teams compete against each other much like American football
  • The game can be played with one player per team or with several players making up each team
  • The end zones on the dartboard are double 11 and double 6
  • The bullseye is the 50-yard line
  • Each team takes it in turn to play offense and defense
  • Not very beginner-friendly as it involves triples, doubles, lots of accuracy and precision

What is Football Darts?

Football darts is a fun game of darts that takes its inspiration from American football so, as you can imagine, there are lots of the same terms used interchangeably.

If you don’t know much about American football, the darts game can seem a little confusing.

However, it’s pretty simple to play and when you understand it, most players usually have fun playing it.

The downside to the game is that it’s not all that good for beginners.

What is the Objective of Football Darts?

The objective of the football darts is to get into the end zone and score a field goal. At the end of the four downs, the team with the highest points win the game.

How to Play Football Darts Game?

To play football darts, you can think of the dartboard, much like the Gridiron.

Two teams compete against each other, take turns to be either the offensive or defensive team.

Each team is given an end zone, double 11 or double 6.

  • The 20 numbered segment represents a field goal 
  • Each team has four downs (each down counts as three darts)
  • The teams can be made up of one player or more

How to Score Football Darts?

To score points in football darts, teams must get a “touchdown” and/or a field goal. 

  • A touchdown is worth 6 points
  • A field goal is worth 1 point 

To score a touchdown in football darts, players must make their way into their opponent’s end zone, i.e. across the board.

To do this, players must first score in their own side of the board in the:

  • Double
  • Big single
  • Triple
  • Small single
  • Outer Bullseye
  • Inner Bullseye

The team then must then move across the other team’s end zone by hitting the:

  • Outer Bullseye
  • Small single
  • Triple
  • Big single

When a team that makes it across the board, into the end zone, the double is needed to score a touchdown.

If the team scores a touchdown, they can then attempt a field goal.

Scoring a Field Goal

In football darts, a field goal is any segments belonging to the 20, so it can be a single, triple or double.

Depending on the player’s level of skill, hitting any part of the 20 is kind of easy.

Therefore, if you find it too easy, you can change it from any part of the 20 bed, to just the triple segment. 

Switching from Offense to Defense

After the team successfully makes their way across the (field) board and attempts a field goal, the teams switch from offense to defense and vice versa. 

  • The offensive team (playing team) becomes the defensive team, while the defensive team becomes the offensive team
  • If a field goal was attempted, then the team starts from their own end zone
  • If the offensive team fails to reach the defensive end zone by the end of the 4th down, the new offensive team starts where the other team finished in the last down

How Long Does a Game Go on For?

A game can go on for however long you want, however to play the authentic way would be over 4 quarters, like the game it takes its inspiration from.

  • Each quarter should last 15 minutes
  • Some players like to set a pre-established number of darts to be thrown instead of timed quarters

An Example Game of Football Darts 

  • Team A end zone – double 11
  • Team B end zone – double 6

To successfully make their way across the board, Team A (offensive team) must hit the following segments in their own side of the board:

  • Double 11
  • Big single 11
  • Triple 11
  • Small single 11
  • Outer Bullseye
  • Inner Bullseye

Once they have been successfully hit, they can now make their way across to the other teams (defensive team) end zone by throwing at:

  • Outer Bullseye
  • Small single 6
  • Triple 6
  • Big single 6

Team A can now score a touchdown by hitting Double 6 and then attempt a field goal into any part of the 20.

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