How to Play Baseball Darts?

How to Play Baseball Darts

Key Takeaways

  • Baseball dart game is very Beginner-friendly
  • It helps to improve accuracy and aim around the entire dartboard
  • This practice game of darts put’s focus onto the triples
  • A game of baseball darts can be played with two players or teams of players
  • There are 9 innings (rounds) unless more are needed
  • The numbers 1-9 are in play during the game (unless extra rounds are required)
  • It is a two player game, however can be also be played in two teams

What is Baseball Darts?

There are lots of practice games in darts, that lean heavily on the sport it is named after. Tennis darts and golf darts are just a couple of examples.

Baseball darts is different, and not actually that much like baseball. 

It really gets its name from the fact that some of the same terminology is used, such as innings (rounds) and runs (points).

There are nine innings and players score runs based on darts landed in the target segments.

What is The Aim of Baseball Darts?

The objective of baseball darts is to hit as many triples and score as many runs as possible in the target numbers over the course of the nine innings.

How Do You Play the Baseball Dart Game?

Baseball darts is a relatively simple game to play and understand.

Given the simplicity of the game, it is extremely beginner-friendly to play.

It’s great for new players as it pushes them to get to know more of the board, and not just the 20s, and can also help develop skills in grouping.

This is how to play baseball darts:

  • There are nine innings (rounds)
  • Only the numbered segments 1-9 are active and played during the game
  • Each player has three darts per inning
  • When all the players throw is complete, the game goes into the second inning
  • The scoring target in the first inning is the number 1
  • The target in the second inning is the number 2
  • This carries on around the dartboard until the ninth inning on the number 9 which is the last. 
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins

How Are Games of Baseball Darts Scored?

  • Singles are worth 1 run 
  • Doubles are worth 2 runs
  • Triples are worth 3 runs
  • Missed numbers are worth 0 runs
  • 9 points is the maximum amount of runs that can be scored during each inning

Creating a scoresheet, reminiscent of the traditional baseball scoreboard, is one of the easiest ways to track scores during the darts game.

To score baseball darts:

  1. Write the players names down the left side of the scoreboard and place the rounds across the top
  2. After each of the player’s throw, write the amount of runs (points) scored for that round in the correct box for that round
  3. At the end of the game, the scores are added and the player with the highest score wins the game
How to Score Baseball Darts

What are the Rules of Baseball Dart’s During a Tie Game?

Compared to other darts games, big scores are not really a thing during baseball darts. 

Therefore, it’s pretty common for games to end tied after the ninth inning.

In the rules of baseball darts, if the game is tied, play continues on into the 10th inning and beyond if needed.

  • Players again have three darts at the number 10
  • The game continues round the board until one player is the clear winner

Baseball Darts Tip and Strategies

Triples rule in the game of baseball darts, as they are worth 3 points per dart. Knowing this, the strategy to go for the triple on each dart is a no-brainer. 

To do it with all 3 darts, during every inning, the highest score possible is 81 points in the game. 

However, it’s unlikely that any player will achieve the maximum score possible in baseball darts.

Tip and Strategies

  • Aim for at least 1 triple round – If you can hit at least one triple per inning, the score would be 27 points from just the triples alone. This is a third of the maximum possible in the game. As long as you don’t miss any numbers, you will be on course for a decent output.
  • Aim for a realistic score – Depending on your skill levels, you might struggle with the triples. Keep practicing and set a realistic score tally that you can aim for. This will keep you on track with your own progress, regardless of who you are playing against. 

Variations to the Baseball Darts

The 7th Inning Stretch

This rule variation to the game, can go one of the 2 ways:

  1. It can turn a lobbed sided victory, into a competitive last couple of innings
  2. It can completely end a game, leaving one player with no way of winning

How does it work?

If a player doesn’t score a point during the 7th inning, their score is halved. The best time to use it, is when there is a clear gap in skill levels among the players. 

Playing in Teams

The game can be played in teams, as well as two people. If playing in teams, you will need to decide on how many darts each player can throw with and when they throw. 

Sometimes there are uneven numbers when playing with teams, and a dummy player will be used to make up the scoring. Give the dummy player a score, based on the average of all the players over the nine rounds. 

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