Why Do Dart Players Blow or Lick Their Fingers?

Why Do Dart Players Blow or Lick Their Fingers

Key Takeaways

  • Dart players lick or blow fingers to help with gripping a dart, because it adds moisture to dry skin
  • Cold weather can cause the skin on fingers to dry out and darts to slip during a throw
  • Warm room temperatures help stop fingers drying out
  • Avoid oil based lotions and use water based moisturizer instead to add grip when throwing darts
  • Dart Wax can be used to add traction between the fingers and barrel
  • The tackiness of dart wax is activated by applying a little heat by blowing the fingers
  • Dart players lick or blow their fingers to improve grip: Moisture plays a crucial role in enhancing grip during

Why Dart Players Lick or Blow Their Fingers?

Dart players lick or blow on their fingers to provide extra grip when holding the dart. This prevents the dart from slipping and ensures accuracy. Licking or blowing on the fingers adds moisture, which increases grip, especially in colder weather when fingers tend to dry out

With better grip, a player has more control over the dart, and hence the dart is less likely to slip during a throw. Especially during cold weather.

Cold Weather Affecting Your Dart Grip

During cold weather, your skin dries out, which is also true of your fingers. Dry skin is a common problem that affects many players dart grip.

So when holding a dart, players tend to add moisture by licking or blowing their fingertips. It is probably something you have noticed quite a lot while watching the pros on TV.

Though the cold weather is one reason, it is worth noting that some people have naturally dry skin, which may have nothing to do with the temperatures. However, for most players, playing darts in a warm room helps with a better grip.

Warmer temperatures promote sweat production, which adds natural moisture to your fingers. You don’t need to set the temperatures exceeding high, normal room temperatures will do the job and stop your fingers drying out.

Using Water-Based Lotion for Dry Skin

A great way to fight dryness of the fingers and have better control is by using water-based lotions. This provides moisture to dry hands, helping to avoid slipping of the dart. You want to avoid lotions that are made with oils, as these can just make your hands more slippery.

Using Dart Wax for Dart Grip

Using dart wax is another way you can combat dry fingertips.

  • Dart wax is applied directly on the fingers
  • It creates a tacky, stickiness to fingertips for better grip
  • Blowing fingers, heats up the wax, creating the stronger grip
  • It is especially helpful for those with dry skin

To apply dart wax, you only need to apply a small amount and rub into your fingers that grip the dart. Obviously, there are different ways players hold a dart, so the fingers you apply the wax to can vary.

  1. Make sure the wax is spread evenly on your fingers.
  2. Avoid excess wax, only a small amount is needed.
  3. Blowing fingers creates heat after the wax is applied, which increase traction and the effective tackiness between fingers and barrel.

Investing in High-Quality Dart Barrels

To take your dart playing to the next level, invest in high-quality barrels. Their construction and materials provide superior grip. Textured surfaces and coatings give optimal traction for secure hold during the throw.

Cheap, poorly constructed barrels are prone to wear and tear. Quality materials with good make can handle regular use and keep their shape and grip for longer.

Many manufacturers offer a variety of designs with different shapes, weights, and dimensions. This wide selection allows players to find the perfect fit for their throwing style, maximizing their grip and control.

FAQs About Why Do Dart Players Lick or Blow Their Fingers?

How Does Licking or Blowing on the Fingers Improve Grip?

Licking or blowing on the fingers adds moisture, which helps improve grip. Moisture increases friction between the fingers and the dart, making it less likely to slip during the throwing motion. This technique is particularly effective in colder weather when fingers tend to become dry.

Can Using Water-Based Lotion Help with Grip When Playing Darts?

Yes, using a water-based lotion can assist with grip when playing darts. Dry fingers can make it difficult to grip the dart properly. Applying a small amount of water-based lotion to the fingers can moisturize the skin and improve grip. It is important to avoid using oily lotions or creams that may leave a residue on the dart.

What Is the Role of Dart Grip Wax in Enhancing Grip?

Dart grip wax is another option for enhancing grip while playing darts. Applied to the throwing fingers, wax provides a tacky surface that improves grip. Some dart waxes require blowing on the fingers or creating friction and heat by rolling the dart between the fingers before throwing to activate the grip. This helps prevent the dart from slipping and ensures better accuracy.

How Can Investing in High-Quality Dart Barrels Improve Grip?

Investing in high-quality dart barrels can improve grip for dart players. Lower-quality barrels often have smoother surfaces, making it harder for fingers to wrap around effectively. Higher-end dart barrels are designed with better grip patterns or textures, providing a more secure way for fingers to grip the dart. These barrels can greatly enhance a player’s control and accuracy.




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