What Is a Perfect Game in Darts?

What Is a Perfect Game in Darts

Key Takeaways:

  • A perfect game of in darts in games of 501 is called a nine-darter
  • Nine darts is the fewest darts possible that anyone can finish a leg in games of 501
  • In shorter games of 301, it takes just 6 darts to have a perfect game

What Is The Perfect 501 Darts Game?

501 is the most popular darts game worldwide.

Players start with 501 points and must get to zero before the other player, however, the last dart needs to be doubled out or else it’s a bust.

The fewest amount of throws possible to finish the game is nine darts, commonly called a nine-darter. Finishing a game in nine darts is also called the perfect game of darts, and most people associate the term with games of 501.

It is less associated with games of 301, which only requires 6 darts to complete.

Three darts less, and only 2 visits to the Oche, but still no less of an achievement if you ever manage one.

What Is The Most Common 9 Dart Finish?

The most common 9 dart finish is:

  • Treble 20, treble 20, treble 20 (180)
  • Leaves a score of 321
  • Treble 20, treble 20, treble 20 (180)
  • Leaves a score of 141 to check out
  • Treble 20, Treble 19, Double 12

Starting with two 180s is the most popular opening to a nine-darter.

Once 141 is left, there are a few different outs a player can choose based off their own preferences.

The most popular checkout of a nine dart finish is 60 (treble 20), 57 (treble 19), 24 (double 12)

However, other popular check-outs include:

  1. Triple 20, triple 15, and double 18
  2. Triple 17, triple 18, and double 18

What Is A Perfect Game In 301 Darts?

A perfect game in games of 301 uses 6 darts, and the most popular route is:

  • Treble 20, Treble 20, Treble 20 (180)
  • Leaves a score of 121 left to check out
  • Treble 17, Treble 10, Double 20

How Common Is A 9 Dart Finish?

Performing a nine dart finish, in darts, is viewed as the holy grail of the game.

  • It’s a monumental achievement if you even get close to one, let alone complete one
  • It’s the equivalent of doing the 147 in snooker, a hole in one in golf or a hat rick in soccer

With increasingly higher standards among players today, the pros can make it look easier than it actually is, however, a perfect game of darts is far from easy to do and remains extremely uncommon.

  • John Lowe was the first player to throw a televised nine dart finish in 1984
  • Since Lowe, there has been over 60 perfect games thrown in front of the TV cameras

Not a huge amount considering the amount of televised tournaments today.

In the amateur circuit, hitting a perfect game with 9 darts, instantly puts a player into local folklore. So if you never achieve one, don’t be too disheartened, not many will.

The Greatest Darts Leg in History

One of the greatest legs you will ever witness was played out by Micheal Smith and Michael Van Gerwen.

There have been other contenders for the title in recent years.

  • Phil Taylor landed 2 nine darters within the same match, top set an unprecedented level of achievement
  • Van Gerwen himself almost got back to back nine dart finishes in 2013

However, to have one player do a nine darter is incredible, but for both players to have a shot at finishing the perfect checkout, in the same leg, is probably the best leg of darts I have ever witnessed.

As Wayne Mardle said on commentary “The most amazing leg of darts you will ever see” and if you haven’t seen it, check the leg out below, you won’t be disappointed.

FAQ: What Is a Perfect Game in Darts?

What Is a Perfect Game in Darts?

A perfect game in darts, also known as a “nine-dart finish,” is the achievement of hitting the lowest possible score in the shortest number of darts, which is nine darts in games of 501. It’s the highest level of excellence in the sport.

What Is the Significance of a Perfect Game in Darts?

A perfect game is a remarkable feat in darts, showcasing exceptional skill and precision. It’s highly coveted in the darts community and often celebrated as a symbol of a player’s expertise and ability to perform under pressure.

Can a Perfect Game Be Achieved in Different Variations of Darts, Such as 301 and 501?

Yes, a perfect game can be accomplished in both 301 and 501 variations of darts. In 301, a player must score exactly 301 points with six darts, while in 501, they must score exactly 501 points in nine darts.

What Are the Key Elements Required for a Perfect Game in Darts?

Achieving a perfect game demands a combination of accuracy, consistency, and strategy

How Rare Is a Perfect Game in Darts?

Perfect games are exceptionally rare in darts due to the high level of skill and precision required. Even professional players may go their entire careers without achieving one. It remains a significant milestone in a player’s journey.

Can Amateurs Also Achieve a Perfect Game in Darts?

Yes, amateurs can also achieve a perfect game in darts. While it is more common among professional players, dedicated and skilled amateur players have the potential to accomplish this feat.

How Can Aspiring Darts Players Work Toward Achieving a Perfect Game?

Aspiring players can work toward achieving a perfect game by practicing consistently, improving their accuracy, and mastering various checkout combinations




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