Why Do Darts Players Look Left After Throwing?

Why Do Darts Players Look Left After Throwing

Key Takeaways

  • Players family and friends are often seated off to the left just below the stage
  • One of the most common reasons for darts players looking to the left after throwing is to see the scoreboard
  • The camera onstage is usually to the left and allows players to celebrate with the fans at home
  • It’s more natural to glance right after releasing a dart because the majority of players are right-handed

The Scoreboard Location

Typically, in many dart tournaments, you will notice the scoreboard off to the left of the dartboard. This is one of the most obvious reasons for a dart player looking to the left after throwing.

Looking left to the scoreboard does one of three things:

  1. Allows a player to gather composure at that moment
  2. The visualization of seeing the remaining score can help recover their automatic calculative responses
  3. To identify what was scored with the dart if they are unsure of where it landed.

In the pro game, the player’s counting skills are amazing, and usually they know exactly what is left even before it flashes up o the scoreboard.

They also usually have their next 3/6/9 darts organized in their head, so there’s no guesswork with their calculations on stage. Usually!

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, when a dart goes astray and completely in the wrong bed, it can cause a slight confusion at the Oche.

The Camera Position

The camera position is another reason for looking to the left.

This may sound like a funny reason, but darts is an entertainment sport and players tend to play up to the cameras and the fans at both home, but also those in attendance.

Some of the best angles are caught from the left-hand side of the stage, which will not be unfamiliar to the players.

Whenever a big 180 is hit, a crucial double or a perfect game of darts is played, you will likely see a player show their delight to both the fans in the arena, but sometimes to the fans watching at home.

It’s all for show but adds character and emotion to the sport, which excites the fans and lets the other player know they are in a game, especially if it’s a close game.

Looking To Loved Ones

  • If you have ever you watched darts on television, you will have no doubt seen some of the awesome walk-on’s
  • The entrances and the razzmatazz have helped elevate the game into a household, worldwide sport

On the way to the stage, you may also notice them affectionately greet their family, loved ones and travelling support, which are seated just to the left of the stage usually.

Looking towards family and friends, is a common reason why a darts player looks to the left so frequently during a game.

There are a couple of obvious reasons for this:

  1. To share the moment with their loved ones during the wins and high points
  2. For support during the tough parts of games

Being up on stage with all the eyes on you can be a lonely place when things are not going great.

Looking to the left and finding familiar faces can offer reassurance and reinstall belief to the player.

But it’s also nice to share in the good times with your nearest and dearest.

A Natural Tendency

There is also a natural tendency for players to look to the left after releasing a dart.

There are times during a game where you just get annoyed with your performance, because you cannot hit a high score, or doubles like usual.

You may see players look to the heavens and commonly to the left in frustration and almost desperation.

There’s a reason it’s to the left more so than to the right

  • The majority of the game is made up of right-handed throwers, which influences why the majority look left and not right.
  • Left-handed throwers tend to look right more, but because there are less left-handed throwers, it’s not as common.
  • It all comes down to the natural right or left-handed stance of players.

Usually, the stance of right-handed dart players are such that their right foot is placed in front of their body, which acts as support and takes their weight.

The natural body position is slightly angled to the left, and so it is just more natural to look left because the body is twisted in that way.

FAQ: Why Do Darts Players Look Left After Throwing?

Why Do Darts Players Look Left After Throwing a Dart?

Darts players look to the left after throwing a dart, primarily to observe the position of the dart in the dartboard. Other reasons include looking towards the scoreboard, their loved ones and because most dart players are right-handed, it’s their natural tendency to look left after throwing.

How Do Darts Players Maintain Their Concentration While Looking to the Left?

Experienced darts players develop the ability to maintain their concentration even while looking to the left. They practice this skill to ensure they don’t lose focus during their game.

Is Looking to the Left in Darts a Habit, or Does It Serve a Strategic Purpose?

Looking to the left for the most part can be a habit, but it can also serve a strategic purpose when players are looking left to the scoreboard to calculate their remaining scores.




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