How to Play Call Three Darts?

How to Play Call Three Darts

Key Takeaways

  • Call three darts can be played with two players or more
  • Players call out targets for the player throwing
  • Points are awarded as targets are hit
  • Call three darts is a 10 round game of darts

How To Play Call Three Darts 

To play call three darts, you will need at least one other player.

The more players you can muster, the more competitive and enjoyable the games are. However, you can play solo for practice, and use your previous best score as something to beat. 

Depending on the number of players, a game can last a short as a few minutes to 20 minutes. 

The rules to play call three darts are simple:

  1. Each player has three darts per round
  2. The player throwing their three darts are given the targets to hit by the next player in line to throw
  3. Targets do not carry over between darts
  4. Players have one dart per target
  5. If the first target is hit with the second or third dart, it doesn’t count 

How Long Is Each Game of Call Three Darts?

Call three darts game is usually played over 10 rounds.

A game may be played over more rounds, if there is a situation of a tie, which is rare in this game.

However, if two or more players do happen to tie, a tiebreak is needed they continue calling targets until there is a clear winner.

Deciding Who Goes First and the Playing Order

To decide who goes first, you can play closest to the bull.

If there are a lot of players, you can shoot for highest score.

  1. Whoever gets the highest goes first
  2. The second-highest throws second
  3. Third highest, third and so on

How to Score the Call Three Darts Game? 

  • One point is awarded to a player when they successfully hit a number that has been called
  • Two points are awarded for a double
  • Three points are given to a player that hits a triple
  • The inner bullseye is worth Three points
  • The outer bullseye is worth Two points 

The scores from each round are accumulative during the call three darts game. The total scores of players are added at the end of the game.

To keep track of scores, write out the players names across the top and 10 columns for the scores of each round. 

The player to hit the highest number of points, over 10 rounds, wins the game.

  • You can either add the scores at the end of the round to the previous round’s score, or
  • Write down the score in each round and separately add all the scores at the end
How to score Call Three Darts

Tips and Strategies for Call Three Darts Game

I know it’s a practice game of darts, but we all want to win, right?

Here are a few tips how you can make it harder for your opponents and easier for you at the same time.

  • If you know the other player(s) well, you will probably know numbers, or at least areas of the board they are weaker at. So send them there and see how they perform
  • Keep calling targets allover the board high and low – for example send them to 12, back down to 2 and across to 14. That kind of target moving will mean they have to continually adjust and switch focus

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