How to Play Looper Darts?

how to play looper darts

Key Takeaways

  • Looper darts are also often called Loopy darts and loop darts
  • The game can be played by both beginners and experienced players
  • The number of players it is best suited to is 3 or more players
  • You don’t score in looper darts, instead the objective of the players is to keep as many lives as possible
  • The format of the game is a follow the leader style

What is Looper Darts?

Looper darts is a practice game, that is styled on a follow the leader format.

  • One player sets the target for the next player to follow.
  • That player then has to hit the target and set the next one for the next player to aim for.

What makes the game slightly different from others is that the looped numbers on the side of the board are also in play. This is why it is called looper darts

So the numbers with an enclosed loop that can be played are; 20, 18, 4, 6, 10, 19, 16, 8, 14 and 9 

Given the nature of the game, if a player lands one of their darts in one of the enclosed loops, it is usually a game winning shot, or at least very close to it. 

How to Score in Looper Darts?

Counting fast is challenging and can be off-putting to many players new to the game of darts.

The good news with this dart game, is there is no scoring here.

Instead, each player begins with 3-5 lives at the start of the game. As the game proceeds, players lose a life if they fail in hitting the target set by an earlier player. 

When a player loses all their lives, they are out of the game and the remaining players continue on playing until one player is the left as the winner. 

How to Play Looper Darts

The first thing you need to do is decide who throws first. The best way to do this, is to throw closest to the bull. The player that gets their darts closest to the bull will start the game. 

  1. The first player will throw a dart with their off hand at the board. Wherever the dart lands, becomes the first target for the next player.
  2. Each player has three darts to throw and must first hit the target with at least one dart
  3. If they hit the target with their first dart, they have two darts remaining to establish the next target
  4. If they do it with their second dart, they have one dart remaining to set a new target
  5. Players that hit the required segment with their last dart, go straight back to the board with the next throw and have three darts to determine the new target
  6. If a player manages to set the next target within their first two darts, they can decide to play the remaining darts or not 
  7. When a player misses the target with all of their darts, they lose a life
  8. If every player fails to hit the set segment, and it comes back around to the target setter, they can choose to sit out the round and the game continues
  9. If they decide to play, the same game rules apply and if they fail to land a single dart in the target area, one life is lost

What Is the Objective of Looper Darts?

The objective of the game is to keep as many of your lives safe and be the last one standing. Considering this, there are different tactics that are employed by some players you should be aware of. 

Looper Darts Tips and Strategies

Each player has 3 to 5 lives, depending on how many your game starts with.

The aim of the game is to save your own lives and make it as hard as possible for other players when you become the target setter. 

Missing with the First Two Darts

What often happens among players, when they have an easy target, is to purposely miss with the first two darts.

They then hit it with the last dart, meaning they now have three darts in the next throw to make a target.

This leads nicely into another strategy below.

The Third Dart Strategy

  • When you have 3 darts to set a new target, you can use your first two darts to go for one of the loops
  • If you land the dart in one of the numbered loops, you don’t have to throw another dart in that round
  • Players will find it very hard to get inside the loops, and therefore can almost be considered a game winning shot
  • If you fail to set a target inside one of the loops, players use their remaining dart to at least land somewhere on the board and save a life

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