How to Play Chase the Dragon Darts Game?

How to play Chase the Dragon Darts

Key Takeaways

  • Only triples count in chase the dragon darts, and the game finishes when one player hit the bullseye (both the inner and outer bull)
  • The practice game starts at triple 10 and players move around the board in sequential order until they reach treble 20
  • Each player must a hit a triple in the consecutive order (Players cannot move onto the next treble without hitting the current one)
  • The objective of chase the dragon darts is to be the first player to hit all the trebles and then finish on the inner bull.
  • It can be played on your own or with any number of players
  • There are different variations that players use to make it more of a challenging game to improve your accuracy

What is Chase the Dragon Darts?

Chase the dragon darts is a practice game that is very similar to around the clock darts (around the world).

The major difference between both games is that dragon darts is a game where only triples count. Singles and doubles mean nothing if a player lands a dart in them.

Typically, the game is played with at least one other player, however many players play it on their own. 

Dragon darts is a good solo practice game, because it improves your ability to hit smaller targets around the entire board more consistently.

Race to the finish style games, like chase the dragon and castle darts, are tonnes of fun trying to beat other players, or even yourself.

What is the Objective of Chase the Dragon Dart Game?

Many players pound away at the dartboard, constantly just aiming for the 20s, however sometimes the 20s are blocked and then, as an example, struggle to switch down to the 19’s. 

The objective of dragon darts:

  • Improve a players’ accuracy around all areas of a dartboard
  • The goal of the game is to hit each hit treble from 10-20 in order, followed by the bull
  • To win chase the dragon, you must be the first player to hit the inner bull with one of your darts

How to Play Chase the Dragon Darts Game?

Playing chase the dragon, is a relatively easy game to play, even though it is very challenging.

To play chase the dragon darts game:

  • Players start on triple 10 
  • Each player then throws three darts at the segment on the board
  • At least one treble must be hit with one of the three darts before moving onto treble 11, 12 and 13 etc
  • The game moves in sequential order to treble 20, then onto the green ring bull, finishing on the red bullseye 
  • If you miss with all three darts, you remain at the same point in the game with your next three darts
  • If you hit the treble with your first or second darts, you can move on to the next number with your remain dart(s) in that same round
  • The first player to hit every treble, followed by the bullseye, wins the game 

How to Score Chase the Dragon Darts?

There is no scoring or counting, it’s simply a race to the finish. However, you do have to keep track of where you are in the game.

If you are playing solo, it will be easy to keep track in your head, however playing with another player you may want to keep track with a scoresheet.

To score, chase the dragon darts:

  • Write the players names down the left-side of the scoreboard and the numbers 10 through to 20 plus the bullseye across the top
  • When a play hits the correct triple, mark the number off as you progress through the game
How to Score Chase the Dragon Darts

Variations of Chase the Dragon Darts

As you can imagine, as dragon darts is a great game of accuracy and consistency, there are inevitably going to be players of different skill levels playing against each other.

This can get somewhat frustrating playing with a better player all the time and getting easily beat by the more skilled player, especially if you are a beginner.

So you can introduce variations to chase the dragon darts, that will make it more fun and competitive. 

Introducing a handicap when one player is considerably better than the other. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

  1. The starting point for the more skilled player can begin before the number 10
  2. The weaker player can be given a couple of numbers head start while the better player starts on 10 as usual
  3. Give weaker players an extra throw every time a player hits 3 trebles with all three darts
  4. Step back to the previous number can be used if experienced players are playing

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