How Much Is The Bullseye In Darts?

how much is the bullseye in darts

Key Takeaways

  • Bullseye is worth 50 point in games of 501 or 301
  • The target area is divided into two concentric circles
  • The inner circle (Red) is worth 50 points
  • The outer circle (Green) is worth 25 points

How Many Points is a Bullseye Worth In 501 and 301?

When you look around the board, it’s easy for new players to get confused with the bullseye.

It happens all the time. And it happens because of the clear distinction in the colors of the two sections.

One circle is red, and the other is green, however many new players to the sport get confused into thinking the red target is the bullseye.

However, both circles in the middle of a dartboard make up the bullseye, they are just worth different points.

In both 501 darts and games of 301:

  • The red bullseye is worth 50 points with a single dart
  • The green bullseye is 25 points with a single dart

The number of points given to each circle is not the only difference between the two.

Does The Bullseye Count As A Double?

One of the major differences between both parts of a bullseye, apart from their values, is that you can finish on the red bullseye but not the green bullseye.

This is why the red segment is often called the double bull.

Yes, the bullseye dos count as a double, and the bull is the highest scoring double on a dartboard.

However, there are actually several names used to describe the bullseye:

  • Red Bullseye
  • Green Bullseye
  • Single bullseye
  • Double bullseye
  • Inner bullseye
  • Outer bullseye

An Example

If you are playing games of 501 and 301 you and are left with a score of 25, the minimum number of darts it will take you to finish is 2 darts.

A popular route is 9 double 16.

  • It is always good to try and leave yourself on an even number.
  • If you score a single 8, you are left with 8 and still have an immediate shot at a double with your next dart


  • If you are left with 50 you can aim directly for the central bullseye and score yourself a finish with one dart
  • You don’t have to split the finish, but you can consider it if you are far ahead of the other player, and you find other doubles easier

Even if you were left with 100 points, you could finish on 2 double bulls or go for the hat trick of 3 bullseyes if you have 150 points left. 

The hat tick in darts is also affectionately known as the Alan Evans shot. The former world number 1 was well known for it when checking out with a score of 150 points.

Can You Double In On A Bullseye?

Some people play games of 501 and 301 where players begin with a double and is called doubling in.

This means that before you can start registering scores, you first have to hit a double. Then you can start the game as usual. As the bullseye counts as a double, yes you can double in on a bullseye.

  • When doubling in, the value doesn’t count as a score, so it doesn’t matter what double you go for.
  • Your opponent needs to wait until they manage to find a double before scoring any points.

It can be a good practice game as well if you want to get better at your doubles.

Selecting a different double to start on each time, preferably your weaker ones, can help you get better at finding the target around the whole board. It can also help highlight which ones you are weak for more practice.

What Is The Highest Score In Darts?

The highest score possible in darts with three darts is 180 points. It can be achieved by landing all three in the triple 20 bed within the same round and is commonly referred to as a ton 80.

With one dart, the highest possible score you can achieve is:

  • Treble 20 = 60 points
  • Treble 19 = 57 points
  • Treble 18 = 54 points
  • Treble 17 = 51 points
  • Inner bullseye = 50 points

Why Is The Bullseye Worth Less Than The Triple 20 In Darts?

The numbers on a dartboard are arranged in their very specific way that on the whole eliminates luck and chance from games.

High scoring numbers on the board are surrounded by low numbers so that stray darts are penalized by low scores.

Each segment has a double and triple value bed, apart from the bullseye, which only has a double and a single. The bull is also a larger target, and slightly easier to hit than the triple 20, which explains why the bullseye is worth less points.

Hitting the center of the board is also easier than numbers higher up above it.

FAQ About How Much Is The Bullseye In Darts?

How Many Points Is the Bullseye Worth in Soft Tip Darts?

The whole bullseye is worth 50 points in sift tip darts.

What Is The Ring Around The Outer Bullseye Called?

The green ring around the outer bullseye is commonly called the outer bull, the green bull, the green ring or the 25 ring.

What is 3 Bullseyes In Darts Worth?

If you land 3 darts in the bullseye, it is worth a score of 150 points. If you land 3 darts in the green outer ring, you will score 75 points.


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