How to Play Mulligan Darts?

How to play mulligan darts

Key Takeaways

  • Mulligan darts is a variation of the popular game of crickets darts 
  • Only triples and the double bull counts in the mulligan dart game
  • It is not beginner-friendly and more suited to advanced skill levels
  • 7 targets are in play – 6 numbers and the bullseye

What Is the Mulligan Darts Game?

If you have ever played Mickey Mouse darts, AKA cricket darts in the UK, you can think of Mulligan darts, as being much the same. In fact, that’s exactly what it is, it is a popular version of those practice games. 

Cricket is usually played over the numbers 15 – 20 and the bull, whereas the targets can change from game to game in mulligan.

The final target is always the bullseye in both games, oh and in mulligan, only the triples of each number counts.

Because 90% of the game is focused on triples around the board, it is not easy or particularly fun for beginners

  • It requires players to have skills in both accuracy and consistency
  • Games of precision are far more suited to advanced and experienced players

The Number of Players Needed to Play Mulligan Darts?

You can play the game with any number of players from 2 upwards.

You can even play in teams, and alternate throws between each team member.

What Is the Objective of Mulligan Darts?

The objective of the game is to close off all the playable numbers in the game, followed by the bullseye, in order, before your opponent does.

What Are the Rules of Mulligan Darts?

Mulligan darts rules are relatively straight forward and simple to understand:

  1. Each player has three darts per round
  2. There are a total of seven targets 
  3. The seven targets are 6 numbers and the bullseye
  4. Only triples count in the 6 numbers
  5. The final target is always the bull
  6. Each number has to be ‘closed off’ BEFORE the player can move on to the next number
  7. The first player to close all numbers in order, plus the bullseye, wins the game 

They are the game rules, now how do you play the game.

How to Play Mulligan Darts?

To play a game of mulligan:

  • Players must hit three trebles to close a number
  • Each player has to close every number in order
  • The triple DOES NOT have to be hit three times in the same round
  • When a number is complete, players move onto the next triple

Three hits to close a number, helps to improve accuracy, much like tic tac toe darts, which takes its inspiration from the classic paper game.

Who Goes First?

The player who goes first in darts, has the throw.

This means they start the game with the first throw, and in games like Mulligan darts, where it is a race to the finish, going first is a clear advantage. 

Throwing closest to the bull, is the most common way to decide who goes first in Mulligan

How to Choose the Numbers?

It is entirely up to you and the other player to decide what the numbers in play are, but usually the two most common ways to decide are:

  1. Throw three darts each at the dartboard with your offhand to keep it random
  2. Pick three numbers each and go with them
  3. The last number, the 7th, is always the bullseye and the last shot of the game

Playing the Numbers in Order

As I mentioned above, each number has to be closed in order, and player’s can’t move around randomly chipping away at targets.

However, the running order of numbers, is technically never the same in mulligan darts and the play dictates the order.

  • The first triple to be hit out of the six numbers is the first number on the list that needs to be closed by both players
  • When the first player closes, they then throw for the triple of one of the other numbers on the game’s list
  • This number then becomes the next number to be hit in order
  • The order of play, continues like this, through each number to the bullseye

How to Score Mulligan darts

To score mulligan darts, all you need is three columns.

  • On the left side, write down the numbers in a list with ‘B‘ for bullseye at the bottom.
  • When the first player i the game has been decided, their name should go at the top of the middle column.
  • The other player should go at the top of the right-hand side column.
  • As each player hits the treble, in the order of play, mark a slash (/) in the numbers’ column under the player’s name.
  • Each time, a player gets a subsequent treble in the number do another ‘/’.
  • When the third triple is hit, place draw an ‘X with a circle’ that indicates the number was closed by the player 

Strategies and Mulligan Darts Tips

Unlike in cricket darts, where there is lots of strategy, there isn’t any specific tactics that will help you win at mulligan darts. 

If you’re new to the game, I’d suggest you play a more beginner-friendly game that you can enjoy more but also develop your skills at the same time.

Trebles are hard to hit at the best of times, even harder when you are new to the game.

Understandably, new players lack consistency skills when throwing darts, so playing a practice game where the sole focus is to hit triples, is probably not the best one you could be playing.

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