How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts?

How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

Key Takeaways

  • Bermuda Triangle darts is a game of accuracy
  • The points scored from each throw is added to the player’s accumulative score
  • The total score is halved when a player misses a target number with all three darts
  • Points are counted at the end of the game and highest score at the end, is the winner
  • The number of players: Two or more

What is Bermuda Triangle Darts?

Bermuda Triangle darts is also known as halve-it darts and considered by many people as being the same game.

There are slight differences between the two, which is why I consider them two separate games.

The basic rules of Bermuda triangle darts are very simple:

  • When a player doesn’t hit the target during a round, their score is divided in two
  • Every dart that hits the numbered target is counted and added to the player’s score
  • Singles, doubles and triples represent the same values as they do in other games like 501

If you are only new to darts, it can be a challenging game for beginners, especially if you are playing with more experienced players.

However, Bermuda triangle is a game of darts that helps to improve a player’s aim and accuracy, so it will help with your development. 

The Number of Players

The game can be played one on one, or in large groups with any number of players

If you like to practice on your own, you can also practice alone, though it’s one of the most popular games to play when you have a big group of players. 

What Is the Objective of Bermuda Triangle Darts?

The objective of the Bermuda triangle darts game is to score as many points as possible in the target with all three darts. The targets change with each new round.

How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts?

Unlike a lot of dart games, the starting score is not a predetermined value, one that is the same every time.

Each player will have a different score to begin with, and it’s different because you have to throw for it. 

However, there’s a caveat:

  • A player’s starting score is set by throwing three darts at the board with their offhand
  • When every player has done this, you’re ready to play the game 

There Are 13 Rounds to Play in Bermuda Triangle Darts

During each of the 13 rounds, there is a specific target number on the dartboard, that is the only valid number on the board during that one single round.

If you end up missing a target early on and lose half your score, don’t panic.

There are many rounds to get yourself back in the game, and don’t forget, you’re not the only player that finds it challenging.

How to Score a Game of Bermuda Triangle Darts?

To score Bermuda triangle darts, you will need a scoresheet with each of the players names across the top and down the left-hand side, write a list of the rounds. 

After each round, write the player’s new score in the appropriate box to keep track of running totals. The total scores are accumulative and the player’s points are calculated after each throw

I also write down the starting scores of each player.

How to Score a Game of Bermuda Triangle Darts

What Are the Bermuda Triangle Darts Rules?

Bermuda triangle darts rules is pretty straight forward and easy to understand:

  • Each player has three darts per round
  • There are 13 rounds in total to get the highest score possible 
  • Players must hit the round’s target with at least one dart
  • If a player misses all three times, their score is cut in half
  • When a player hits the target, the points are added to their accumulative score
  • Singles count as singles
  • Doubles count as doubles
  • Triples count as triples
  • Both the outer and inner ring bullseye is worth 25 points
  • When every payer has thrown their 3 darts per turn, the next round begins
  • Players with the highest score at the end of the game wins

Strategies and Bermuda Triangle Darts Tips

The one thing you have to think about in Bermuda triangle darts is the scoring.

Literally, the point of the game is to score the highest, and there are a few tips I can offer.

Unless you love doubles, don’t even bother with them

  • I know doubles are worth a lot per dart but if you hit a specific double, like for instance double 20, but then miss with the next one, you are averaging out 20 (a single) per dart anyway.
  • Less if you miss with two darts out of three, which is sailing close to getting your score halved

Learn how to play Bermuda Triangle darts with strategic thinking

Don’t go for risky throws when you don’t have to, and play it safe.

This kinda ties in with the above tip, but if you are in the lead, just make sure you continue to score consistently, even if it’s just in the singles. 

However, this can also be true over the whole game.

Consistent scoring in the singles with no missed darts will yield a pretty good score to beat. 

Go for triples when the time comes

This is kinda obvious, but go for trebles if you are trailing late in the game.

Early on in the game, I would keep to the strategy of limiting the potential for missed darts by playing it safe in the singles. 

Unless you are confident in your ability to hit certain triple(s).

However, if you’re tailing late, there are not many rounds left, go for broke and aim for those triples.

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