How to Play Halve-It Darts? (Aka Half-It Darts)

How to Play Halve-It Darts

Key Takeaways

  • Halve-it darts is a game of accuracy and consistency
  • Accumulative scores are halved when targets are missed
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins
  • Any number of players can play halve-it darts

What is Halve-It Darts?

Halve-it darts are also known as half-it darts and has lots of variations. The game is also called Bermuda triangle darts by some people, but I tend to think of them as different games because of the slight variations in them. 

The concept of halve-it darts is simple:

  • If a player fails to hit the target during a round, their total running score is halved.
  • Each of the numbered segments (singles, doubles and triples) on the board represent the same value as usual

It sounds so simple, but in reality the game can be very challenging for beginners.

On the flip side, halve-it is a game that helps to improve accuracy and aim around the dartboard, so it also a very rewarding in terms of a players’ development. 

What Is the Objective of Halve-It Darts?

The objective of the halve-it darts game is to score as high as possible in the target numbers and accumulate the most points by the end of the last round to win the game. 

How Many Players Can Play the Halve-It Darts Game?

One of the best things about the game, it can play it just yourself with no other players. However, it can also be played in large groups, or just with one other person in a ‘vs’ game. 

How to Play Halve-It Darts?

Before you play halve-it darts:

  1. Everyone playing agrees to the total number of rounds before a dart is thrown
  2. Target numbers also have to be assigned for each of the rounds before the game begins 
  3. Each of the player’s starting score is also set by throwing three darts at the board with their offhand 

Aim for the highest starting score possible, the higher, the better.

This will put you on a good starting point going into the game. If you end up missing a target earl on and lose half your score, you may still find yourself in a decent position.

The values of each numbered segment is the same during halve-it darts as they are during the more well known traditional games:

  • Singles are worth their single value
  • Doubles are worth double points
  • Trebles are triples the value of the number 

What Are the Rules of Halve-It Darts?

The halve-it darts game rules are not very complicated to understand, so let me explain:

  • Each player has three darts per round
  • The number of rounds is decided by the players on a game by game basis
  • Players have to hit the assigned target for each round with at least one dart
  • The round is over, and the next one begins, when all players have thrown three darts each at the target number for the round 
  • A player’s score is cut in half if they fail to hit the round’s predetermined target number
  • If they hit the target number, the points are added to the score
  • Players with the highest score by the end of the final round is the winner

How to Score Halve-It Darts?

To score halve-it darts, simply write the numbers of each round down the left side of the scoreboard and write the names of the players to the right side. Between both, write down the starting scores of each player.

Halve-It Darts scoring

After each of the three darts have been thrown, the points are added to the total score. If a player misses with all three darts, subtract half the score they had going into the round. 

Keep a running count of the accumulated score at the end of each round.

Variations to Halve-It Darts

Most of the variations are centered around the choice of target numbers in the game.

You can keep things simple by only using a small amount of numbers, like for instance 5 numbers. A smaller amount of rounds helps keep a fast pace to the games. 

You can also use the most common numbers that are usually used during a traditional game of darts as the target for the rounds, for example: 20, 19 and 18.

It will help to develop consistency scoring in the big numbers. You could go one step further and make it harder by including:

  • Doubles and triples as targets
  • Only red or black numbers
  • Alternating around the board between singles, doubles and triples

Strategies and Tips

There’s not really much strategy involved in halve-it darts, as the aim is to score as high as possible. I would say most of the strategy comes when deciding the target numbers.

Everyone has their own way of doing it, but if you can choose numbers, obviously make sure to choose a number you are confident with for one of the rounds.

Most players go for the popular numbers, so keeping the number rounds down to a small number will help if you are not very familiar with aiming at the rest of the board.

Don’t panic if you miss early on in the game.

Keep your concentration and forget about it, as there is plenty of time left for twists and turns, which is the fun part of the game.

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