How to Play Steeplechase Darts?

How to Play Steeplechase Darts?

Key Takeaways

  • Steeplechase darts is a similar game to around the world
  • The game is played clockwise from 20 to 5 followed by the bullseye 
  • “Fences” in the game are predetermined triples that have to be “jumped” (hit)
  • Players can only move forward one spot per round

What is Steeplechase Darts?

You are probably familiar with the term ‘steeplechase’ outside of darts.

It’s an obstacle course race, where objects have to be overcome, usually jumped over, on the way to the finish line. 

In darts, the steeple chase game, also involves obstacles known as fences, however you don’t have to physically leap over them. 

You can, however, still think of the darts game in the same vein as an obstacle course. Players have to race each other around the board, in an around the clock style game.

The first player to first player to work their way to the end of the game is the winner 

How to Play Steeplechase Darts?

To play steeplechase darts, there are a few rules that you need to know.

  • The game begins at number 20
  • Players have the three darts per round
  • Each player must hit the inner single 20 section before they can move to the next number
  • Only the inner singles count, unless the number is a fence (explained below)
  • Players move clockwise around the board from 20-5 and then finish on the bullseye
  • You can only move forward one space per round 
  • A player’s turn ends, when they hit the target segment, regardless of whether they hit the target on the first dart, the second or the last
  • The inner bullseye (the red bullseye) must be hit after the 20 and is the last, and winning shot of the game
  • If a player fails to hit a fence (triple) over three rounds and a total of 9 darts, they are knocked out of the game


During the game, you will run into ‘fences‘ as you work your way around the board. 

  • A fence in steeple chase darts, are predetermined triples that have to be hit in order to progress in the game
  • When a triple is in play, the inner single of the number segment no longer counts
  • If players don’t hit the triple in three rounds, they are eliminated from the game
  • Usually the fence triples are: 13, 17, 8 and 5

Variations to the Number of Fences Rule

The fence numbers can be changed depending on your own preference.

To make the game harder, you can introduce more fences, but likewise to make it easier, you can use fewer fences in the game.

  • If there is a large gap in the skill levels of players, handicapping the more advanced players with more triples to hit can make the game more competitive and fun.
  • It gives newer players, more to play for and makes the better players work harder.

How to Score Steeplechase Darts?

Scoring is very easy in steeplechase darts, because there is no scoring and there’s no adding or subtracting numbers.

Zero score calling, counting fast and working out checkouts will be music to a lot of players ears.

To score steeplechase darts, you will simply have to make a scoresheet of players names and where they are at in the game, or else it can get confusing with large numbers. 

How to Score Steeplechase Darts

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